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Mr. Eric Horell

Eric Horell

Academic Department: Literature and Languages
Graduation Year: 2013
Hometown: Altoona, PA

Eric's Story

  • Hometown: Altoona, PA
  • Major: English
  • Job/Grad placement: Undecided


The distance between the library and Scotus Hall is one hundred yards, give or take, but walking between the two can take upwards to an hour on any given day; you simply run into too many people who take an interest in your life. Fellow club officers spot you and quickly make plans to meet up about promoting the next event. Professors—both in your major and ones you’ve only ever had for a Gen Ed—see you and ask about classes,life, and plans after graduation. Friars notice you and stop if only to wish you a good day. Administrators, coaches, Greeks, athletes . . . even if they don’t know your name, it seems like everyone at least recognizes you as a fellow Red Flash member and therefore takes a shared interest in your well-being. Because the community takes an interest in you, both professionally and personally, you in turn reciprocate the respect found throughout Saint Francis University. You want to improve the university as much as it has improved you. As a senior, I hope my graduating class and I may leave a positive legacy for a school that has done so much for us.

While I am still unsure of my future, it is not for want of options: I have been accepted to the graduate program at Emerson College in Boston, I have been invited to interview for a position teaching English for a year in China, or I may enter the job market with a resume that includes several conference presentations and national publications. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have such a dilemma, and I owe it to the efforts of my family at Saint Francis. While the walk from the library to Scotus may take longer than one expects, the four year journey from freshman to senior feels like it took mere minutes, so I know I’ve enjoyed the trip.

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