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Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies major prepares students to become environmental innovators in the workplace and in their communities. The major is designed for students seeking an environmental program outside the realm of a pure environmental science curriculum. It is ideal for students pursuing careers in areas such as environmental advocacy, environmental education, ecotourism, parks services, environmental policy-making, and environmental law.

  • Program Highlights:

    • Approach environmental sustainability from an interdisciplinary perspective that examines scientific, social, political, ethical, and educational views of the environment and its protection. 
    • Blend of science, social sciences, and humanities courses to prepare to meet the rigors of a career analyzing complex environmental issues and effectively communicating your findings.
    • The program is distinctively set within the context of the Franciscan approach to environmentalism. One of the Franciscan Goals of Higher Education states, in part, “We care for the earth which is our home and work to protect and preserve it for future generations.”

    Students desiring to impact the environment through field and/or laboratory research as scientists or engineers, or who are interested in pursuing graduate school in the sciences, should explore either the Biology Department for a degree in environmental sciences or marine biology, the Chemistry Department for a degree in environmental chemistry, or the Environmental Engineering Department.

    A glimpse at Environmental Studies courses:

    • Adventure in Literature & Writing
    • Environmental Crime & Sustainability
    • Kayaking
    • Beekeeping
    • U.S. Environmental History
  • Beekeeping at SFU (created by students in the class)