Engineering Success Stories

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    Ms. Ashley Neptune - Class of 2013

    Major: Environmental Engineering

    Minor: Mathematics

    I am proud to say that Saint Francis University’s Environmental Engineering Department has provided me with numerous opportunities; researching abroad in Bolivia, presenting my research findings at a national conference in Mississippi, and interning at Natural Biodiversity helping improve our regional environment. In fact, my four years in the Environmental Engineering program inspired me to learn more and specialize in yet further in the field. My rich experience at SFU led to me receiving two offers for full funding (all expenses covered with a stipend on top of that!) to go to graduate school. Now I’m attending Villanova University Graduate School, excited about my research and where my career will head next!


    Ms. Marie Schoenenberger - Class of 2013

    Major: Environmental Engineering

    Concentration: Ecological Engineering

    My mother is a physical therapist. That path is something that I never ever thought about pursuing when I entered Saint Francis University’s Environmental Engineering program, but as it turns out, I followed it in my own way. I initially was caught up in the “Go green!” hype that brought with it renewable energy, recycling, and a bunch of vegetarians (myself included). I looked for a small school that was not too far from my home in eastern Pennsylvania, and there was pretty much a choice of one that had the major and concentration in renewable energy that I wanted. But as I encountered orange polluted stream after orange polluted stream in Appalachia, I found that I wanted to fix the scars that unsustainable environmental practices gave to the Earth. Thus, I took on another concentration in ecological engineering, which gave me the ability to do so, in a way that meshed with the surrounding ecosystems. With that, I’ve designed treatment wetlands for wastewater, ecolatrines for a culturally sensitive site, and flown to Bolivia’s Altiplano to study and therefore further the possibilities of remediation of some of the most polluted water in the world! Beyond Saint Francis, I’ve carried with me the academic preparation, as well as the spiritual growth in Franciscan values, to SUNY-ESF, where I’m beginning fully-funded graduate research on yet another stressed ecosystem - the Solvay waste beds at Onondaga Lake (a Superfund site), and the health of and environmental interactions with their soil microbes. So in a sense I have become a healer, not of the human body, but of its home.


    Mr. Luke Mignogna - Class of 2012

    Major: Environmental Engineering

    Minor: Mathematics

    There has never been a better time to start a career in environmental engineering. New environmental regulations are continuously being created and enforced to better protect our society and the habitat around us, which create additional engineering problems for us to solve. The environmental engineering program at Saint Francis is a great starting point. The atmosphere suited me well. Small class sizes and supportive faculty both contribute positively to the growing engineering department. Personally, I am a “hands on” guy, so the field and lab-based experience I gained was especially valuable. I feel both lucky and blessed for having been a part of the first class of environmental engineering students to graduate from Saint Francis University. I strongly encourage those thinking about the field of engineering to give Saint Francis a try!


    Ms. Kelsea Palmer - Class of 2013

    Major: Environmental Engineering

    Minor: Mathematics

    Concentration: Ecological Engineering

    My time at SFU was full of life changing experiences and character building lessons. Because of this, and innumerable other reasons, I will always think of SFU as my second home. But, the true reason I kept coming back every year, studying hard and getting involved up to my nose in activities and service was the Environmental Engineering department. It wasn’t just the rigorous courses, the countless networking opportunities, appreciation for hard work or the humble and passionate professors. It was the idea of a lifelong career and professional self I was creating while there. The first time I met Dr. Bandstra, he was a little nervous it seemed (not as freshman-nervous as I was!) but he had so much fire and passion and trust in our potential and the potential of the program. I got to see that come to fruition. Along the way I met Dr. Strosnider who led me to gain experience and find my passion in ecological engineering, not to mention how to play ice hockey like James Neal! There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think of my fellow students or something one of the professors taught me. As I have started to blend into the “real world” I am realizing how I stand out because of SFU’s Environmental Engineering department. My apartment walls are littered with pictures from our trip to Bolivia and my new office is full of my text books. I would speak to anyone on the department’s behalf in a brochure or a sidewalk conversation. Just like SFU and my future, I hold the ENVE department very close to my heart. If you find the environment inspiring and have a knack for a little bit of math and a whole lot of rewarding work then go for it!

    Justin P. Long EIT - Class of 2009

    Major: 3+2 Engineering

    "The educational foundation in Mathematics, Physics and Engineering  I received from the Saint Francis University 3+2 program is the keystone to my success, not only as a practicing engineer today, but especially during my continuing studies at Penn State.  The most valuable aspect of the educational instruction at SFU, and 3+2 program as a whole, is the individual attention and dedication to the student.  Such a deep, foundational understanding of the fundamentals is what made me successful as an SFU Alum."

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    Recent Placements

    L. Robert Kimball Consulting Engineers
    Mechanical Engineering Intern

    Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
    Civil Engineering Intern

    The Pennsylvania State University
    Chemical Engineering Intern

    New Jersey Department of Environmental Projects
    Program Supervisor

    Our graduates pursue a wide range of engineering careers. The diverse learning experience offered by the liberal arts emphasis also equips students to pursue careers in business and law. Career Placement: virtually 100 percent of engineering department graduates obtain career placement in the field within 12 months of graduation.

    Aluminum Company of America

    Staff Engineer

    AT&T Bell Laboratories

    Computer Engineer

    Bell Telephone


    linton-Bogert Associates

    Civil Engineer


    Staff Engineer

    Software Engineering Institute

    Technical Assistant

    Three-Mile Island

    Nuclear Engineer

    U.S. Air Force

    Electrical Engineer

    U.S. Naval Underwater Systems Command

    Mechanical Engineer

    U.S. Patent Office

    Patent Examiner


    Systems Engineer 

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