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Employee Benefits

  • Health Benefit Plans

    No enrollment waiting period for Health, Vision, or Dental Coverage. Coverage is effective the first of the month following date of hire.

    • Health Care Plan through Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
      • PPO plan - no need to choose a Primary Care doctor
      • 72% of premium paid by University 
      • Dependent Care and Medical Flex Reimbursement Accounts
      • Individual, 2-person, or Family coverage choices
      • Qualified High Deductible Health Plan - Health Savings Account
      • 92% of premium paid by University
      • Individual, 2-person, or Family coverage choices
    • Vision Care Coverage through Vision Benefits of America
      • Premium partially paid by University
    • Dental Care Coverage through Delta Dental
      • Premium partially paid by University

    Financial Benefits

    Work/Life Balance Benefits

    • Generous Time Off:
      • 14 paid holidays
      • Staff additionally receive a total of 22 days of paid leave during the first year of employment (Vacation, Sick Leave, and Personal Days)
      • Vacation days for Athletic staff appointments are pro-rated based on the month of the full time start date.  Vacation allowance is administered by the Athletic department.
      • Faculty earn 10 days of paid leave per year (maximum of 60 accumulated days)
    • 35-hour workweek for most staff positions
    • Values-based work environment
    • Employee Assistance Program
    • On-site formal wellness program and fitness equipment

    Personal Enrichment Benefits

    • •100% tuition reduction for employees (up to 6 credits per semester for undergraduate and graduate courses).
      Spouses and unmarried dependent children are eligible for tuition benefits for undergraduate or continuing education courses beginning the next semester following the completion of the following years of full time service:

      After 1 year - 20%reduction

      After 2 years - 40%reduction

      After 3 years - 60%reduction

      After 4 years - 80%reduction

      After 5 years - 100% reduction

    • Saint Francis University is a member of three tuition exchange programs: CIC (Council of Independent Universities) Tuition Exchange Program; Tuition Exchange, Inc.; and Catholic College Cooperative Tuition Exchange Program (CCCTE).The programs are open to all full time employees who are also eligible for full tuition remission for dependents at Saint Francis for undergraduate courses.
    • Events designed to recognize employee service and achievement, such as Outstanding Service Awards
    • Social Events
    • Forums and Focus Groups designed to promote collaboration and collegiality
    • Opportunities to mentor and/or work one on one with students in a teaching or advising capacity, or through involvement in student organizations