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Ellen Dublikar

School: Health Sciences
Academic Department: Physical Therapy
Graduation Year: 2006


What are some features of your experience at SFU that are positive or unique?

"One thing that I have always really enjoyed about SFU as a student-athlete is the support from the faculty and other students. It really is a privilege to be a Division 1 college athlete, and to know that everyone at your school knows who you are and what team you are on and is is supporting you makes it all worthwhile. It is a good feeling to walk into a class and your teacher congratulates you on winning a recent game. You don't get that at many schools."

What sport did you play?

"Women's soccer."

How did you balance athletics and academics as a student athlete at SFU?

"Balancing a sport with your school work can be challenging, but it really teaches you good time management skills. I would study on the bus/van during trips for away games and also in the hotel room whenever possible. It really requires putting yourself on a schedule and using your time wisely between class and practices or games. Playing a sport and being a PT major has really helped me to become a more responsible, self-disciplined person, and these attributes are very necessary in the field of physical therapy."

What would you like to share about SFU or the PT major with a prospective student athlete?

"SFU is the perfect place to get a great education and excel in a sport. Since it is a small school, you get the attention you need from professors, due to smaller class sizes, and you also have the opportunity to play a Division 1 sport. One advantage to being a PT major and playing a sport here at SFU is that you get a lot of experience working with others as a team. This is an important aspect of physical therapy, since in the profession you will be working with patients, but also with other PTs, OTs, physicians, etc."

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