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Ms. Danielle Conwell

Dani Conwell

School: Health Sciences
Academic Department: Psychology
Academic Department: Occupational Therapy
Graduation Year: 2013
Hometown: Roxbury, NJ

Danielle's Story

What have you been up to since graduation?

I am currently enrolled in the Masters of Occupational Therapy program at Saint Francis. I am currently in my level two fieldwork rotations at a pediatric facility in Altoona, PA.

What projects or service learning experiences did you participate in?

I was able to be apart of the multiple out reaches that the occupational therapy and athletics department sponsored. I was able to help out with Special Olympics and also the Alicia Richardsons Sports 4 kids day.

Where you involved in other activities at Saint Francis?

I am also a current member of the Saint Francis Universities women's division 1 lacrosse team. I am a 5th year senior right now secondary to facing an injury during my senior year of college. I have been a team captain for 3 years now.

What were your experiences with your faculty?

Like I stated above my faculty have gone above and beyond to help me succeed with my education at Saint Francis. They have helped me balance both Division 1 athletics and a masters program. They have pushed me to be my best in every area of my life. They also take a personal interest in their students. If I ever need advice or just some extra motivation I know that they will be there for me.

How would you characterize your department’s personality?

Our departments personality is creative, caring, and fun. They truly embody the characteristics all occupational therapists should have. They make learning an enjoyable experience.

How did Franciscan values shape your experience?

The Franciscan values shaped my experience at Saint Francis by always emphasizing the importance of showing compassion and helping others. The numerous outreaches and opportunities to volunteer around campus have truly humbled me.

What were your experiences with the equipment/facilities?

I was able to utilize many of the new facilities during my time at Saint Francis. The Degol Arena was were I spent most of my time outside of the classroom. It was great to be able to have a brand new building to utilize. The Disepio institute was also a great building to either work out, study, or socialize. The occupational therapy program was also able to use this building to hold treatments for clients in the area.

What are your favorite memories from campus?

My favorite memories from campus mostly are from the great relationships I have found there. There is just something special about this university that fosters great friendships. I also enjoyed going to the different sporting events around campus. The SFU pride is strong, and I love being a part of the flash family.

When you are out with friends what story do you tell about your college days?

I usually talk about the different things I have experience with my team and classmates. I talk about how the close relationships I have made and exciting events I have been too.

In what ways did your Saint Francis experience shape your career/life?

My Saint Francis experience has helped become me more independent and feel more confident. It has shown me what an impact kindness can make.

Why should a prospective student consider Saint Francis and your program of study?

Prospective students should consider Saint Francis and the occupational therapy program because it can give them hands on and personalized learning experiences. Saint Francis is the perfect place to learn, live, and have fun.

What advice do you have for our current students?

To enjoy the time they have and to not rush their four years away. Take part in all that is offered to you and enjoy constantly being surrounded by your very best friends. Get to know the faculty and support your classmates!


There were two major reasons why I chose occupational therapy as my major at Saint Francis. The first reason was the faculty. I have never met such understanding and supportive teachers. Each of my professors have taken a personal interest in my success and from the start were there to support me. The second reason why I chose my major was because of the occupational therapy curriculum. I thought the mix of classroom and real life experiences that this program offered would really help me be the best I could be.

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