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Mr. Christopher Stavisky

Christopher Stavisky

School: Health Sciences
Academic Department: Occupational Therapy
Graduation Year: 2008
Hometown: Rochester, NY

Christopher's Story

  • MOT 2008
  • Acute Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist, University of Rochester (NY) Medical Center

In addition to his clinical work, Christopher serves as a biomechanics consultant for the Biomechatronics Learning Laboratory at the Rochester Institute of Technology with the purpose of developing assistive technology devices that will supplement muscular activity and movement for individuals with neurological deficits and progressive muscular degenerative disorders.

“The primary diagnosis that we are targeting at this time is muscular dystrophy. It is our goal to develop a device that enables an individual who has lost functional movements of their upper extremities to regain movement independence with the aid of our device.”

Currently, the Upper Extremity Motion Analysis System, as the project is called, is able to track muscle activity through EMG signals and record joint kinematics at the shoulder and elbow. With these data, the research team will be able to create a device that will recreate movement that has been lost in the upper extremity due to muscle degeneration and/or neurological deficits.


What have you been up to since graduation?

Since graduation, I have been an Occupational Therapist at the University of Rochester Medical Center, working in the areas of Acute Care, Acute Rehab, and Outpatient clinics. My specialty areas as an Occupational Therapist include Spinal Cord Injury, Cognitive Rehab, and upper extremity prosthetics and bionic hands. I recently joined the faculty at Nazareth College within the Occupational Therapy program as a Professor of Kinesiology. I also have used my Occupational Therapy skills as a volunteer Track and Field coach for the Rochester Rookies, which is part of the Wheelchair and Ambulatory Sports USA organization and is a regional team for children with physical disabilities.

Why did you choose your program of study at Saint Francis?

I chose the Occupational Therapy program at Saint Francis because of the program ranking among Occupational Therapy programs within the US. I also chose Saint Francis because of the class size within the program, which afforded opportunities for excellent collaboration with the faculty, who are certainly experts within their fields.

What were your experiences with your faculty?

My experience with the faculty at Saint Francis was, and continues to be extremely positive. The consistent priority of the faculty was, and is the success of the students.

How would you characterize your department’s personality?

I would describe the personality of the Occupational Therapy department as welcoming, compassionate, motivating, and success-driven.

Why should a prospective student consider Saint Francis and your program of study?

I highly recommend the Occupational Therapy program at Saint Francis University. The faculty prioritize the success of the students, and the program affords students opportunities to shape their own learning experiences. These opportunities include, but are not limited to an extensive selection of clinical fieldwork sites, and also research possibilities to explore areas of Occupational Therapy that are of interest to the student.


I feel very fortunate to be a part of the team in the Biomechatronics Learning Laboratory. Assistive technology has always been an interest of mine within the field of Occupational Therapy, and I currently have the opportunity to assist with a device’s development. This is a very exciting endeavor for which the research skills that I developed at Saint Francis University have well prepared me.

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