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Arts and Letters

  • Renaissance degree for the modern world

    The world’s problems rarely have one source or solution, a fact that makes interdisciplinary learning so valuable. In the days of Leonardo Da Vinci, scholars sought solutions across many disciplines. Our Arts & Letters major embraces that same inquisitive spirit of interdisciplinary learning. This major is a great choice for the scholarly student with a love of all types of knowledge and who doesn't want to be limited to any single discipline.  

    About the major

    College days are a time for exploration and self-discovery, of course, all leading to a fulfilling career. The Arts & Letters major is an interdisciplinary major that embraces a holistic approach along many flexible career paths. The program explores the connections between behavioral sciences, humanities, politics, economics, religion, culture, history and aesthetics. Students can choose courses in subjects that interest them, and practice applying the knowledge they gain in the classroom through an undergraduate research project or an internship. They can choose to pursue a graduate school, professional, or general track within the Arts & Letters major.