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Ms. Andrea (Brown) Wilk MOT

Andrea Brown Wilk

School: Health Sciences
Academic Department: Psychology
Academic Department: Occupational Therapy
Graduation Year: 2013
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa

Andrea's Story

What have you been up to since graduation?

I have since been employed, accepted into a Doctorate program for Occupational Therapy at Thomas Jefferson, took a position as a second grade CCD teacher, and was married.

Why did you choose your program of study at Saint Francis?

I had experience in high school with OTs and the program at Saint Francis was small and the staff was so friendly!

What projects or service learning experiences did you participate in?

We completed several fieldworks and had patients come into our clinic at school.

Where you involved in other activities at Saint Francis?

Yes, I was involved a lot with Relay For Life, Colleges Against Cancer, SAO, and Occupational Therapy Organization.

How did Franciscan values shape your experience?

The values taught me how to best treat my patients and those around me. They provide a framework which I could develop my moral compass.

What are your favorite memories from campus?

As much as I hated the snow and cold temperatures, the weather did provide for a magical time! I loved being away from the "real world" and in a world all my own on the mountain.

When you are out with friends what story do you tell about your college days?

We talk a lot about funny nights/dances/ things we did for certain organizations/ how the campus has progressed...

In what ways did your Saint Francis experience shape your career/life?

It truly has formed the clinician that I am. I felt I could take the best of the professors and create my own style.

Why should a prospective student consider Saint Francis and your program of study?

A student who is looking for a personal touch with a program that truly cares about you as a student will definitely benefit.

What advice do you have for our current students?

Time WILL fly!!! Looking back there are aspects I definitely miss! Try to get involved as much as you can because you learn so much more about your campus and it really increases the pride you have in the university. Try classes/ majors/ organizations you never thought you would enjoy!


I had a wide range of experiences with the faculty. Overall, the experience was very positive! They were always willing to take time out of their day to talk to you about school and personal related topics. The OT department was very hands on and created a very positive learning environment. They provided the students with a wide range of learning opportunities that other programs do not allow.

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