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Americans with Disabilities Act

  • Saint Francis University is committed to providing a campus culture that is both embracing and knowledgeable of the diversity of our learners.

    An Americans with Disabilities Act committee has been charged to assist in maintaining campus compliance to the federal guidelines defined within the Americans with Disabilities Act. Perhaps, more important, is the goal of improving the campus culture for students, staff, faculty, & visitors with disabilities. Through investigation, advocacy and action, the members of this committee will insure that the University campus is as accessible as possible for any person with a disability. The ADA committee will investigate the current status of physical, procedural, communicative, and attitudinal accessibility; advocate consistently for the equal treatment of people with disabilities, realizing that equal does not always mean the same; and finally, will propose action to be taken to ensure accessibility for all.
    Questions or concerns regarding accessibility at Saint Francis University may be addressed to Ms. April Fry, Accessibility Services Coordinator, at 814.472.3176.

    The following ADA plan outcomes were developed by the Committee in 2011-12:

    Persons with disabilities have the same opportunities as others to access the services and programs of, and any events and activities organized by Saint Francis University.
    Strategy – assess whether there is equal opportunity to participate and benefit

    • Ensure that programs, events, social activities are equally effective for and usable by persons with disabilities. (admission process, health services, housing, financial aid, counseling, employment, food service, social, recreational, or athletic facilities, etc)
    • Ensure that the administration of the service/program is free from discrimination based on disability.
    • Ensure that people with disabilities are provided with an opportunity to comment on access and services.

    Persons with disabilities have the same opportunities as others to access the buildings and facilities of Saint Francis University.

    Strategy- facilities inventory

    • Ensure that buildings and facilities are physically accessible to people with disabilities.
    • Ensure that SFU parking meets the needs of people with disabilities in terms of quantity and location.

    Persons with disabilities can access information from SFU as readily as others are able to access it.

    Strategy – assessment of communication access

    • Ensure the availability of SFU information in a variety of formats.
    • Ensure the use of interpreters or other support personnel to facilitate communication for those with hearing impairments.
    • Ensure that SFU’s website meets general requirements and best practice models.

    Persons with disabilities receive the same level and quality of service from SFU as others receive.

    Strategy – assessment of equitable treatment of and quality of services provided

    • Improve faculty and staff awareness of disability and access issues and improve skills across roles and responsibilities to provide best possible service to people with disabilities.
    • Ensure that faculty and staff are aware of their obligations and responsibilities to people with disabilities or medical conditions.
    • Review appropriate and relevant resources and information and facilitate the introduction of new technologies and resources.
    • Review accessible teaching, support and assessment strategies in the classroom and beyond.