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American Sign Language Immersion

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    Juliana Horvath
    Office of Study Abroad

    Saint Francis University's American Sign Language (ASL) immersion experience gives students the opportunity to increase their ASL skills while implementing their Franciscan values. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience which students will only find at SFU. The immersions vary from time to time, but they always include the students turning off their voices so they can increase their ASL skills.

    Find out more about our ASL minor at Saint Francis University.

  • Academic Program

    Through the Jamaican Christian School for the Deaf in Montego bay, Jamaica, Saint Francis University students will have a unique sign language immersion experience. Students will have the opportunity to observe classroom experiences; be taught lessons by the JCSD students; support teachers as needed; participate in a variety of activities and games with JCSD students; truly embrace the Jamaican Deaf Culture by turning off their voices for an entire week; and to grow their skills by constantly using JSL during the day and ASL during the evening with native language users.


    Students earn three credits in ASL 450: ASL Mission Experience. Pre- and post-trip assignments will be given. Pre-requisites for the course include:

    • ASL 112: Beginning ASL I & II
    • ASL 201: Intermediate ASL I
    • ASL 202: Intermediate ASL II
    • ASL 250: Advanced Fingerspelling and Numbers (or permission from the instructor)

    *NOTE: A minimum of B- average in ASL 250 and ASL 201 is required to declare a minor in ASL.


    Students will receive two meals a day upon arrival and before departure from Jamaica. meals will be in accordance with local cuisine rather than the typical American food that students are used to, allowing them to better embrace the culture.

    Cell Phones / Laptops

    Electronics should be left at home. "Unplugging" for the week will enable students to truly embrace the experience and keep their voices off. Students may give an email address to the Office of Study Abroad, and contacts will be emailed upon the students' arrival.


    The program fee is approximately $1,500 plus tuition for 3 credits. The fee includes: 

    • airfare(students must provide their own transportation to and from the airport)
    • room & board
    Requirements & Application

    A $250 non-refundable deposit, along with the program application, must be returned to the Office of Study Abroad by September 15. The total cost is due on December 1. 

    In addition to the application, the Jamaican Christian School for the Deaf requires all students to complete a release form. Students are also required to obtain a Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearance and submit it by December 1.

    ASL Immersion Application

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