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Settling in and exploring Ambialet, France

January 30, 2014


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With classes starting and taking in the local region, two action packed weeks have passed quickly. Classes are off to a good start. We have our laboratories set up for chemistry and anatomy and are working away. We are even getting some chemistry research done in France. The students are working hard to keep up with their coursework and to take in all the surroundings have to offer.

The food is amazing and the chef from a local village who shares his talents with us is a blessing. We also make our way down to the village of Ambialet for lunch on Thursdays. The students have made several trips to the shops in Albi (20 minutes from Ambialet) to get the essentials that are not provided like junk food and snacks.

Two wonderful excursions were taken, one to Albi to visit the Lapérouse museum and an art exhibition. Lapérouse (a navigator from Albi) traveled around the world and detailed his discoveries for France. The second excursion was to Cordes-sur-Ciel. Cordes is a quaint city built on top of a mountain. Each time the city grew they would expand beyond the wall and build a new protective barrier so the city has three protective walls.

We also had a wonderful visitor come to the Priory in Ambialet. The US consulate representative, Rachel Schneller, stationed in Toulouse lead a fascinating discussion on diplomacy and fielded many questions from the students. It is all so much to take in as we continue to work and grow in our home away from home.

Bon journée,
Rose Clark