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Student Ambassador Program

  • Student Ambassador ProgramWhat does it mean to be a Student Ambassador?

    Being a student ambassador may be one of the best positions on campus for meeting people and having fun. Students will be responsible for capturing various aspects of student life and sharing them via social media to potential students and their families. Typically, student ambassadors are carefully selected based on integrity, personality, character, communication skills and enthusiasm. Students should be proud to have been selected for this prestigious role. It means that college officials trust them to promote the school in the best possible light.

    What you’ll get as an SA:

    • Marketing skills. Whatever your major, getting hands-on, real-life experiences in marketing will make you more marketable to employers in all industries. Students will be trained on branding, design, content strategy, video, social media creation, developing marketing pitches, and community management.

    • Networking opportunities with pros. Throughout the course of the year, guest speakers from departments such as Communications, Fine Arts, Marketing, and Admissions will be lined up to provide their expert knowledge in the field.

    • Resume-building credentials. You'll earn a certified digital credential, which you can share it on professional and social networks such as LinkedIn. You'll also earn a Merit badge for participation.

    • Opportunities such as internships in the field of marketing, become a finalist for the Student Ambassador of the Year award, and receive a letter of recommendation from the Saint Francis Marketing department.

    Requirements & Expectations of Student Ambassadors:

    1. Students will be asked to use their personal social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat to regularly post 2 photos/videos per week on average imparting what life on campus is like. These posts should be authentic and not a sales-pitch for enrollment.

    1. Students will attend a 4-hour orientation session with training and skill-building at the beginning of the semester. Regular club meetings will be held monthly to share and brainstorm, pitch projects, and review social posts. Students may be asked to attend events or meet individually with prospective students. 

    1. Students will be asked to develop a larger project (such as an article for the website, video, etc) and pitch their idea to the marketing department. If the pitch is selected, the student will collaborate with marketing to implement. The completed project will be shared through the official university marketing channels for broader audience exposure.  

    Apply to become a Student Ambassador