Adult Degree & Continuing Studies at Saint Francis University

  • Personal & Professional Fulfillment

    Our Adult Degree & Continuing Studies students embark on this journey toward personal fulfillment and growth and end up reaching higher and going farther than they ever thought was possible. Classes taught by professionals give students the confidence and knowledge needed to achieve career goals and become leaders. Check out what some of our students are saying...

    Megan Albright, employed by Sheetz, Inc.

    “After looking into my options, I decided to further my education and pursue a post baccalaureate certificate at Saint Francis. With night classes on campus, the adult education program is very welcoming and easily fits around my full time work schedule. Along with taking classes to further my education, I am always being updated with important career information and resources. With these resources at my fingertips, I feel more confident in achieving my career goals.”

    Jude Anna, employed by Veeder Root in Altoona, PA

    "Adults wanting to further their education in this region are very fortunate to have an organization like Saint Francis with the right people to help them along.”

    Denise Gilkey, ‘10

    “All of the ladies in this picture are 2010 Continuing Education graduates. Throughout our studies, we all, at one-time or another, took classes together. After graduation, I gave each of these ladies a copy of this picture and wrote on the back.....Thanks for sharing the journey. My experience was an exceptional journey. Not only did I receive a great education, I met so many wonderful people along the way. Although I finished my undergraduate studies a year ago, I still keep in touch with many students and professors.”

    Susan Billotte ‘10, PHR, human resource manager

    “What I liked best about my Saint Francis education was the fact that the majority of instructors were not just academics. They were current or former business leaders that could support the coursework with real world knowledge and experience. My SFU education has changed me from being a manager to being a leader.”

    Katey Burke, employed by Wienken & Associates, State College

    "The Adult Degree & Continuing Studies degree programs offered in State College have worked well for me. I would do it again. The accelerated format with Saturday and online classes have helped me obtain a bachelor's degree in just three years!"

    James Lee Drenning, TRA Recipient

    "I have recently continued my academic conquest at Saint Francis University. The faculty and staff could not be more helpful or informative. The class schedules are convenient and the courses have been rewarding. Saint Francis University has exceeded my expectations. I will earn my Bachelor's degree in Accounting, completing over 90 credit hours in just two years. The program has allowed me to complete the requirements I need to earn a degree from a respected University, in a rewarding field, in a relatively small amount of time."