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Women's Studies

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     Dr. Robin Cadwallader

    Program Overview

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    What is the female condition?
    How are women represented in literature and culture?
    What accomplishments have women made throughout history?
    How is gender constructed?
    In what ways does gender determine the division of labor?
    How do race, class, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, and ability intersect to determine women’s experiences?
    What informs women’s political efficacy?

    The Women’s Studies program is an interdisciplinary field that aims to help you navigate these questions and others. Drawing upon academic areas such as literature, history, psychology, popular culture, social work, and health sciences, the program crosses and blends the boundaries of traditional disciplines. We analyze the ways in which the study of women and sex/gender as social categories transform our understanding of culture, history, and society. We raise and discuss important questions regarding the ways we have organized ourselves; our chief social, political, economic, and cultural institutions; and our knowledge.

    Program Highlights

    • Full-time faculty providing personal attention and professional curricular and career advising from summer orientation through graduation
    • Small classes in upper-division courses and a student-faculty ration of 10:1
    • The flexibility to choose a second major or minors from other disciplines
    • Student research, service learning, and individualized study opportunities
    • Internship opportunities
    • Independent study opportunities that allow you to pursue areas of special interest while working closely with a faculty mentor
    • Membership in the Association for University Women (AAUW)