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Interim Actions and Remedies

  • Interim Actions/Remedies are temporary actions taken by the University to foster a more stable and safe environment during a period of ongoing exploring of options, investigation and or adjudication.

    Upon receipt of a report of sexual and/or gender-based harassment, discrimination and violence, including sexual violence, stalking, and relationship violence, Saint Francis University will impose reasonable and appropriate actions/remedies designed to protect the parties and the integrity of any investigation. In imposing these actions/remedies, the University will make reasonable efforts to communicate with the parties to ensure that all safety, emotional and physical well-being concerns are being addressed. Interim actions/remedies are available, as appropriate, regardless of whether a reporting party seeks an investigation or resolution.

    Potential actions/remedies, which may be applied to the Reporting Party and or the Responding Party, include:

    • Access to counseling services and assistance in setting up an initial appointment, both on and off campus;
    • Providing medical services;
    • Imposition of a campus no contact order;
    • Imposition of a no trespass order;
    • Ensuring that the reporting party can move safely between classes and activities;
    • Ensuring the reporting party and responding party do not share classes or extracurricular activities;
    • Academic accommodations (with agreement of the appropriate faculty, who will not be informed of the specific reason for the request with permission of the student): 
      • Rescheduling of exams and assignments;
      • Providing alternative course completion options;
      • Change in class schedule or other academic accommodations, without penalty to the party;
    • Providing academic support services, such as tutoring;
    • Transportation assistance;
    • Change in work schedule or job assignment;
    • Residence modifications: 
      • Change in on-campus housing; 
      • Arranging to dissolve a housing contract and pro-rating a refund in accordance with campus housing policies;
      • Receive requests for assistance from staff in completing housing relocation;
    • Limit an individual or organization's access to certain University facilities or activities pending resolution of the matter;
    • Voluntary leave of absence;
    • Interim suspension or University-imposed leave;
    • Any other remedy that can be tailored to the involved individuals to achieve the goals of this policy.