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Student Health Insurance

  • Student Insurance Policy

    All full-time Undergraduate (12+ credits) and Graduate (9+ credits) students must have health insurance coverage. A Student Health Insurance Plan is available for those students who do not have current insurance coverage. All full-time students must participate in this insurance plan unless proof can be furnished that other similar insurance is carried by the student while they are attending Saint Francis University. Please be aware no proof of insurance waiver forms will be accepted after the 20th business day of each semester and you will be responsible for the cost of the health insurance.

    Student Health Insurance Plan Contact Information

    Enroll or waive the insurance coverage using your unique ID and password received from a mailing from Hulse QM, or go to and follow the instructions provided. If you do not have your unique ID and password, call 1-800-434-1579, ext. 2.

    Student Health Insurance Plan (HULSE/QM)

    Saint Francis University and Hulse/QM® have worked together to provide student medical insurance coverage for the academic year. In the best interest of the students, the insurance plan implemented for the academic year will be underwritten by Highmark. Hulse/QM® will continue as the satellite student insurance department to provide oversight, advocacy, management and consultation. This policy includes coverage for events of accident and/or illness. All students are encouraged to secure medical services from a network provider to reduce out of pocket expenses and to receive provider discounts that are negotiated through the network.

    A claim form will not be necessary for every accident and illness event. However, additional information may be necessary to process your claim. Please be prompt in your response to ensure payment of your covered medical expenses. Please be sure to provide your healthcare provider with your insurance information and the address where claims should be mailed. The address will be listed on your medical insurance card.

    If you have any questions regarding the benefit process, the insurance plan, or are in need of healthcare advocacy, you may contact Hulse/QM® at 1-800-287-0285.