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Sports Management Certificate Online Programs

The Sports Management Certificate is designed to develop dynamic and ethical leaders who are prepared for careers in sports management fields. Learn more!

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  • Sports Management Certificate, Post-Baccalaureate

    Do you love sports? Would you like to find a way to stay in the game and support your lifestyle? Take a look at this online sports management certificate program. You can learn the skills to work for a minor or professional sports team, run your own sports facility or gym, become an NCAA coach or school athletic director. This 18 credit program can lead you to a career you love. Don’t forget, our programs are designed to lead to even bigger things. Our Sports Management Certificate can lead to an MBA with a concentration in Sports Management--the credentials you need to make and keep sports in your life.

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    Sports Management

    The online Sports Management Certificate program is designed to develop dynamic and ethical leaders who are prepared for careers in sports management and ancillary fields. As leaders in sports management, graduates will be dedicated to innovative teaching and/or coaching, meaningful professional and community service and creative scholarly pursuit. Shaped by Franciscan values and influenced by the Goals of Franciscan Higher Education, graduates of this sports certificate program will pursue occupations in sport at both the amateur and professional levels, in careers such as college athletics, coaching, sports management, public relations, sports media, sports marketing, and hospitality and events management. 

    The 18-credit sports certificate program includes:

    • MBA 560 Sports Management (3 credits)
    • MBA 561 Sports Marketing (3 credits)
    • MBA 562 Sports Law (3 credits)
    • MBA 570 Ethics in Sports (3 credits)

    Select any two of the following Sports Management Certificate Electives:

    • MBA 563 Sports Facilities and Event Management (3 credits)
    • MBA 564 Intercollegiate Athletics in High Education (3 credits)
    • MBA 565 Sports Communication (3 credits)
    • MHRM 521 Human Resource Management (3 credits)

    Course Catalog Requirements

    Admission Requirements
    Learning Outcomes

    Learning Outcomes

    Francis Worldwide and the Shields School of Business will graduate students who have the knowledge, skills, love of learning, confidence, drive, and ethical and moral values needed to be spiritually fulfilled in life and successful in professional careers. Upon completion of this online Sports Management program, students are able to, in the Spirit of Saint Francis in the Marketplace, demonstrate knowledge of the: 

    • Ethical value choices and responsibilities of businesses and business leaders
    • Fundamental principles in business in the functional areas of accounting, information systems, finance, management and marketing
    • Legal, social and economic environments of business
    • Global dimension of business
    • Functional areas of business in the process of decision-making
    • Ability to professionally communicate


    Costs and Financial Aid

    Post-Baccalaureate Sports Management Certificate Tuition

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    Currently there are no other fees associated with admission as a student in the online Sports Management Certificate Program.  Although most courses will utilize online resources, students may be required to purchase course text books.

    For more information contact one of our dedicated enrollment counselors at (814)472-3012 or

    Financial Aid

    Please contact Financial Aid for student loan options at or (814) 472-3010.