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Sociology Degree Options

  • Why Sociology

    Why major in Sociology?
    The American Sociological Association has published the following
    Sociology Student Resource Guide
    for those thinking of majoring in Sociology.

    Sociology is the study of human interaction. It is the science of people and their society. Sociologists study what matters. Think of the Sunday newspaper. That will give you a sense of what you can study as a sociology major: economics and business, politics, arts and culture, medicine, religion, marriage and the family, science, crime, war, oppression, poverty, and more. As a sociology major, you can follow your passion, or better yet, use the major to discover your passion. Either way, when you graduate you will have opportunities.

    Sociology is not only an exciting major, it is a practical major. Sociology has greatly influenced other subjects, including health sciences, business, history, philosophy, religion, and literature. Sociology majors from Saint Francis are competitive for graduate and professional programs, as well as being competitive for a broad range of careers. In fact, our sociology majors standout, and they have the unique skills necessary to succeed in our rapidly changing world. 

    In order to make history you have to understand the present; just take a look at two of America's most influential history-makers: Martin Luther King Jr. and President Ronald Reagan were both sociology majors.

    Degree Options


    Sociology at SFU

    The program here at Saint Francis University is based on a solid liberal arts foundation.  You will develop capacity and build valuable skills in critical thinking, communication, data analysis and writing. Our sociology degree will also provide you with knowledge and understanding of social, historical, ethical and multicultural issues that shape the world in which you live.

    We train students to use their minds to reach higher — and go farther —than they may have ever dreamed possible. During your studies at Saint Francis, internships can build valuable career contacts while furnishing real-world experience. And when you graduate, you’ll be prepared to pursue success in postgraduate work or by launching your career immediately. In the Sociology Program here at Saint Francis University you will analyze the culture of family, business, war, poverty and much more as you become an expert on society and why we are the way we are.

    Careers Opportunities

    Employers like sociologists

    Sociologists are flexible

    A recent survey found that employers think college graduates are too specialized. In contrast, sociologists learn about a broad array of topics and study those topics from many angles.

    Sociology majors develop good communication skills

    Eight-nine percent of employers say they seek college graduates who have the "ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing." Sociology majors learn to communicate not only their own ideas but the ideas of others, and our program emphasizes good writing and oral communication skills.

    Sociologists are creative problem-solvers

    Eighty-one percent of employers believe the best employees should have "critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills." Sociology majors learn to scientifically analyze statistics and also people's words and actions. Seventy percent of employers say they are looking for employees who have "the ability to innovate and be creative." Sociologists think differently and find solutions others do not see. We call this creativity the sociological imagination.

    Where our graduates go from here:

    • Medical School
    • Law School
    • Education
    • Television, Radio, and Film
    • Business School
    • Finance
    • Survey Research
    • Politics
    • Government Administration
    • Ph.D. Programs
    • Community Development
    • Marketing and Public Relations
    • Public Health
    • Consulting