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School Of Business 9th Annual Spring Poster Session

  • The Shields School of Business at Saint Francis University held the Dr. Albert Zanzuccki Endowed Chair 10th Annual Spring Poster Session on April 15, 2019. A total of twenty undergraduates and graduate students presented academic research at this year's event. Students conducted and presented innovative research on topics related to business, marketing analytics, human resources and economics for the Saint Francis community to enjoy. Research topics included Snapchat, Facebook, research investigating the effects of Occupational Regulations on Certified Public Accountants, Snapchat, Chipotle Grill, and the Minimum Wage. Community partnered projects through Dr. McFadden’s courses included marketing and other research into Bono’s Custom Leather and Shoe Repair, The Central Cambria Education Foundation and The Roman Catholic Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown/ Father Gallitzin, DST Drones and Ruga Rue Beef Jerky. 

    The annual poster session gives the School of Business students the opportunity to showcase their academic research in front of faculty, staff, and fellow students. This year, CSOR had six of its members participate in the poster session. CSOR Graduate Assistants Alexis Schumacher and Randall Frye presented posters regarding an in-depth look at the Minimum Wage and the Shields School of Business London program, respectively. Hannah Kraus, CSOR Ambassador, presented two posters, one on “Effects of Occupational Regulation on CPAs” and one on a marketing analytics evaluation on Chipotle Mexican Grill titled “Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc”. CSOR Student Research Fellows Emily Pollock and Ryan Alu presented a poster on the impact of Occupational Regulation, while Hannah Retherford presented the results of her independent study “Canary in the Mind.” 

    Over the course of the two-hour event, attendees engaged in meaningful conversation over their posters. Student presenters were enthusiastically speaking about their research to faculty who were actively listening and providing meaningful feedback. The students who participated walked away with valuable research and public speaking experience to highlight in their future endeavors. This poster session, organized by Emily Vargo, Director of Policy Research and Academic Programs for CSOR, had the highest student participation rate in its 10 years.  

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