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School Of Business 9th Annual Spring Poster Session

  • Poster Day LexiePoster Day IlyaThe Shields School of Business at Saint Francis University held the Dr. Albert Zanzuccki Endowed Chair 9th Annual Spring Poster Session on April 16, 2018. A total of ten undergraduates and graduate students presented academic research at this year's event.  Students conducted and presented innovative research on topics related to business, marketing analytics, human resources and economics for the Saint Francis community to enjoy. Research topics included: Pour on Center Market Research, General Motors, Micro-lending in Jamaica,, Southwest Airlines, Benefits of Studying Abroad, Charles Schwab, Occupational Licensing in relation to Economic Mobility, Occupational Regulation in Russia and An Expansion of The Relationship Between GDP Per Capita and Education Expenditure.

    The annual poster session gives the School of Business students the opportunity to showcase their academic research in front of faculty, staff, and fellow students. This year, CSOR had three of it's members participate in the poster session.  Lexie DeLullo, CSOR Lead Undergraduate Fellow, presented on her experience with extending microloans to Jamaican citizens to help improve their businesses.  Ilya Kukaev, CSOR Research Assistant, presented on the differences between occupational regulation systems in Russia and the United States.  John (JJ) Hazenstab, CSOR Graduate Assistant, presented on a recent paper that he co-authored with CSOR Director, Dr. Timmons, which looks at the relationship between occupational licensing and economic mobility. The full research paper can be found at CSOR's website