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Robert Hodgson

  • Robert Hodgson SpotlightFrom a young age, Rob enjoyed building and “inventing” things from various craft supplies or Lego pieces. In elementary school, his favorite classes were math and science based, but it wasn’t until high school that he discovered a particular affinity for chemistry, which lead to the decision to pursue a higher education degree in chemistry.

    From the moment I stepped on campusWhen looking for the right college fit, Rob was looking for a smaller school where not only concepts are taught, but that also provided an opportunity to collaborate with peers. What really set SFU apart for Rob was the faculty and facilities housed on a campus of faith. Rob recalls “From the moment I stepped on campus, I was treated like a member of the family. The campus had much to offer in the ways of facilities, especially for chemistry with a great selection of analytical instrumentation. The devoted faculty, state of the art facilities, and small class size helped seal the deal for me.”

    During his time at SFU, Rob obtained a laboratory technician internship at a local branch for Jennmar, a company that specialises producing technology for the in mining and tunneling industry. After graduation, Jennmar offered Rob a full time lab supervisor/research chemist position at their corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA.

    Rob put in a lot of hard work while he was at SFU. Rob says “From my experience, SFU sets a resolute foundation on which you can build a career in any area of chemistry. I have truly witnessed in my life that hard work, patience, and openness to new ideas are the keys to success.”