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Mr. Robert Diamond

  • Bob Diamond

    Position: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Director of Special Education and Student Services Cambria Heights School District

    Department: Education Graduate

    Office: Adjunct

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    About Mr. Robert Diamond


    • Doctoral Candidate for Educational Leadership
    • Principal Certification '07 - Saint Francis University
    • Special Education Supervisor Certification '05 - Saint Francis University
    • M.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    • B.A., Bethany College


    Mr. Diamond has proudly taught at Saint Francis University for nearly 10 years. Mr. Diamond began his teaching career teaching several undergraduate (Special Education) courses. He is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Graduate Education Department and Practicum Adviser (Supervisor of Special Education Certification Program) for SFU.

    Mr. Diamond is in his 17th year serving as Director of Special Education and Student Services for the Cambria Heights School District. Mr. Diamond also works with the Pennsylvania Department of Education as  Peer Monitor, completing District Compliance Monitoring Activities with Teams throughout the Commonwealth. Prior to District administration and instructing at Saint Francis University, Mr. Diamond served as a Special Education Teacher and Behavioral Consultant for Appalachia Intermediate Unit 08 and Cambria Heights School District.

    Mr. Diamond earned his Bachelor of Arts degree and Certification in Elementary and Special Education from Bethany College, West Virginia. He earned his Master of Science degree and Certification in Special Education (k-12) from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Diamond, a proud Saint Francis University Alumni, completed both Principal and Supervisor of Special Education Certification Programs at Saint Francis University. He is currently a Doctoral Candidate in Educational Leadership. Mr. Diamond holds Instructional II and Administrative II Certification, and has 20+ years of experience in the Public and Alterative Education Fields.


    The opportunity to complete Graduate/Certification Programs at Saint Francis University was invaluable to me both professionally and personally. Engaging in inspiring courses, networking with progressive educators from local school districts, and practical educational experiences enabled me to gain knowledge in the field that could be immediately applied at the district-level to help students, parents, and those professionals who strive to help them. My teachers and mentors from SFU inspired me to be an active, resourceful and supportive professional.

    I now embrace opportunity to work with amazing students through Graduate Courses and Certification Programming, facilitating learning opportunities and experiences to prepare future educational leaders. I proudly report that in most school districts and educational programs you will find several SFU graduates, and many educational leaders. It is my sincerest hope that these professionals will seize the rewarding opportunity to "pay forward" as instructors and mentors for Saint Francis University.