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Philosophy Degrees and Programs

  • Is Philosophy for you?

    Philosophers study everything. Philosophy is a critical approach to all subjects, a comprehensive vision within which all other subjects are contained. To be critical means to examine carefully and cautiously and to be willing to change one's own beliefs. "Philosophy", from the Greek Aphilein and Asophia, "is the Alove of wisdom."

    Philosophers examine critically the most important questions in life: Does God exist? What is the meaning of life? What is truth? What is just? What should we think about the "tough"  moral questions or abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment and animal welfare?

  • Degree Options

    Philosophy Major

    Philosophy Minors

    Why Study Philosophy at SFU?

    We challenge our philosophy students to REACH HIGHER...

    Our philosophy faculty has special expertise in discussions of the ethical issues in health care, business and public policy. We have specialties in philosophy of law, science, existentialism, American philosophy and symbolic logic as well as the logic of ordinary language.

    Because of its special connection with the Religious Studies program at Saint Francis University, and because of its Franciscan heritage, the Philosophy Program is a good place to study issues of peace and justice as well as the ethical issues of the environment.

    Because we honor Saint Francis of Assisi, these studies emphasize simplicity not technicalities. We respect faith while keeping an honest, humble, and humorous attitude toward the limitations of our minds. We maintain a positive vision of human nature, a profound respect for the background and destiny of each person and the respect for all living things which Saint Francis of Assisi taught us.

    Program Highlights

    Program Highlights:

    • Self-designed programs of study, which combine some of the philosophy major requirements with requirements of another major, are encouraged to all students. These programs lead to a degree such as a bachelor of arts in philosophy and religious studies, economics and philosophy, philosophy and political science.
    • Students have the opportunity for independent study, under the direction of a philosophy faculty member. Most philosophy majors get credit for studying something they find personally interesting during their senior year. One of the most recent topics was: "Death and Dying."
    • The philosophy program offers credits for career-oriented study in connection with carefully selected internship programs such as The Washington Center.
    • Internships are arranged providing work experience in law and law-related careers, public and foreign policy, business and finance, education, administration, public relations, labor relations, arts management and government careers of all kinds.
    • For students of philosophy, an internship is an opportunity to experience the practical application of those great ideas discussed and mastered in the classroom. It is a chance to examine how theories of reality, knowledge, ethics, and politics are put into action, as also to envision and propose alternate courses of action, based upon alternative philosophical argumentation.
    • Students are individually assigned to a cooperating government agency, political party, interest group or attorney's office (for pre-law) for a semester of a summer, full-time or part-time, with or without pay. Students can earn up to 15 credits.
    • The Philosophic Society provides students with the opportunity to invite and interact with speakers in a wide range of topics of interest to the students.
    Career Opportunities

    Career Opportunities

    Increasingly, business and industry are seeking thoughtful generalists who can analyze and reason. Philosophy graduates often go to various graduate programs or enter administrative or management training programs for careers in government or industry.

    Look at the wide variety of occupations Philosophy Majors have accepted:

    • Arts Consultant
    • Author
    • College Counselor
    • Criminal Defense Attorney
    • Director of University Gift Planning
    • Director Information Systems
    • Education
    • Foreign Service Officer
    • High School English Teacher
    • Marketing Analyst
    • Ministry
    • Law
    • Producer/Director
    • Psychologist
    • Publisher
    • Real Estate Attorney