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Vaccine distribution beginning on campus for health science students and faculty

January 16, 2021 Tags: Covid , Health Sciences and Education

Saint Francis University health science students and faculty working in frontline healthcare settings will start receiving the Moderna Vaccine on Tuesday, January 19. As healthcare workers under Phase 1A of the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s roll-out plan, these individuals will be vaccinated on campus through a partnership with Mainline Pharmacy and the University’s DiSepio Institute for Rural Health and Wellness. 

“We are blessed to be among the first University sites in Pennsylvania to be approved to distribute this life-saving vaccine on campus to our students and faculty who are on the frontlines,” said University President Father Malachi Van Tassell, T.O.R., Ph.D.  

Sixty percent of the University’s students are enrolled in health sciences programs (Nursing, Physician Assistants, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Public Health). These “soon-to-be” practicing professionals are situated to provide immediate and long-term relief to the nation’s healthcare personnel who are strained due to the pandemic.

Once the vaccine supply becomes more readily available in Phase 1B and 1C roll-out, the Disepio Institute will become a site for wider distribution to the region’s population. Vaccines will be distributed according to the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s criteria (expanding to essential frontline workers, the elderly, and those with pre-existing conditions and others.)

“We believe that Saint Francis University and Mainline Pharmacy are ideally positioned to lead roll-out implementations in the region because of our shared mission of meeting the healthcare needs of our friends and neighbors in this rural setting,” said Van Tassell.  

At this time, there is no vaccine availability beyond the identified healthcare student group. As the accessibility expands to additional groups, the University will share how appointments can be made on their COVID information site ( 

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