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Saint Francis Launches Affordability and Accessibility Initiative

December 16, 2020 Tags: Admissions , University News

Affordable Since 1847, the core mission of Saint Francis University has been to educate students who will go out into the world and be of service to others. This mission has never been more critical. Expanding the number of students, particularly those from the region, who can afford a Saint Francis education, is a critical piece of our "Affordability and Accessibility Initiative."

"As we find ourselves navigating the waters of these unprecedented times we understand that COVID-19 has caused financial hardships for many throughout our nation, within our great state of Pennsylvania, and within our home communities," shared University President Fr. Malachi VanTassell, T.O.R., Ph.D.

In response to the pandemic, The University has dedicated more resources towards increasing scholarship packages geared to families who are struggling financially. Fall 2021 enrollees may benefit from new financial initiatives designed to increase educational accessibility. The first strategy increases overall scholarship packages by approximately 15 percent. The second investment benefits families classified by the federal government with the most unmet financial need.

In addition to the above broad-based financial strategies, the University has made a commitment to the local region by investing additional scholarship dollars in Pell eligible commuter students. Lastly, in order to meet critical state workforce needs, additional scholarship funds will be dedicated to specific academic programs that meet these needs.

The pandemic has highlighted the escalating need for caring, compassionate professionals in all walks of life. Saint Francis alumni are currently serving on the pandemic's frontline as healthcare professionals, social workers, teachers, law enforcement, and emergency personnel.

These financial investments will help to ensure that a steady stream of well-trained professionals stand ready to take on the monumental task of beginning the fiscal recovery phase of this crisis. "Increasing our scholarship opportunities will go a long way to making sure that more families have access to an affordable, high-quality education from Saint Francis so that their sons and daughters can pursue a purpose-filled career," says Mr. Jeremy Pittman, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing.

Students admitted to Saint Francis, should file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid adding the school code (003366) to receive a Financial Aid Scholarship package. Anyone else who would like to learn more about these new scholarship opportunities may contact the admissions office at or (814) 472-3100. Students may sign up for a campus visit at

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