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Covid-Related Refund Information

March 22, 2020 Tags: Covid

A note to students regarding Covid 19- related refunds

Dear Saint Francis University Students:

We appreciate your patience as we know you have questions in regard to housing and meal plan adjustments due to the impact of COVID-19 and your inability to return to campus for the remainder of the Spring semester.

Please know we are working diligently on the refund/credit policies and process. We are awaiting additional guidance from the Department of Education regarding financial aid regulations. We have the below details available for you today. Additional updates will be sent as they become available.

Please note: these plans may be subject to change should future Department of Education guidance require modifications. Please note there will be no late fees or interest charged to student accounts for the month of March.

Housing and Meal Plan Refund/Credit Policy and Process:

Saint Francis University will utilize the following policies and process in terms of issuing refunds or credits to currently registered students as a result of moving the Spring 2020 semester to a virtual learning environment:

● A pro-rated amount will be calculated for each students’ selected meal plan. The pro-
rated amount will be calculated from 90% (percentage of direct cost) of each charged fee
amount less the percentage of time not on campus (March 14, 2020 - conclusion of the
semester). Adjustments will be made for students who stayed on campus longer or with
commuter meal plans.

● A pro-rated amount of housing charges will be used following the same formula as meal
plans. Those students who stayed on campus longer will be adjusted accordingly.
Students studying in Ambialet will have a slightly different percentage of usage based
upon their time spent in Ambialet.

● Pro-rated amounts for room and board will be posted directly to each student account.
Credits will first be applied to any outstanding student account balances, including tuition
and other fees.

● If a student received Saint Francis University institutional aid (i.e., SFU grant, Trustee
grant) to cover the direct cost of room and board, the amount of aid received will be
adjusted accordingly. The amounts of adjusted institutional aid will be posted directly to
each student account and may vary dependent upon each student financial aid award.

● If a student received institutional aid from the university in order to cover their direct cost
of attending the university (full room & board), they will not be eligible to get a refund or
credit. In this case, the institutional aid amount awarded to the student for attending the
spring semester of 2020 will be adjusted accordingly.

● In cases where adjustments generate a credit balance on the student account, the credit
will remain on the students account for future semesters.

● The university will issue refunds for graduating students who will not be continuing on at
the university. Refunds will be in a form of an electronic refund or paper check (see
instructions for E-Refunds below).

● The university anticipates beginning the processing of refunds no later than the week of
April 13th

● At this time due to business operation restraints imposed, from the Governor of
Pennsylvania, we currently will only be able to process electronic refunds. Students who
are not signed up for E-refunds will likely see a delay due to these restraints.

● If you are not currently set up for E-Refunds, please follow the instructions below to get
set up.
Directions to sign up for electronic refunds:
Log into:
Click on the My Bill/FinAid icon
Click on "Sign up for E-refunds"
You'll be directed to the CashNet site to complete the process
Click on Sign up for direct deposit refunds!
Complete the steps to enter your bank account information

● Who can I reach out to if I have more questions about my room and board credits or
financial aid adjustments?

If a student or his parents have questions or comments, please contact either the Student
Billing at or the Financial Aid office at

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