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Kids' College Summer Camps 2019

June 10, 2019 Tags: STEAM

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Kids’ College at Saint Francis University is a summer camps program designed for school children in grades 1 through 10. These two to five day camps introduce children to several branches of science: astronomy, biology, chemistry, engineering, medicine, physics, and more.

In each camp, children become scientists who are critically observe the surrounding environment, pose scientific questions, conduct experiments, collect and analyze data, and draw their own conclusions. Each camp includes daily (weather permitting) outside activities: field trips, short hikes, games, and physical exercises. 

Cost per camp ranges from $70 - $175.

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Grades 1 - 3:

  • STEM Art
  • Marine & Land Animals
  • Fun Chemistry
  • From the Ice Age to the Space Age
  • 123 STEAM

Grades 4 - 6:

  • Weather Camp
  • Young Biologists Camp
  • Earth Camp
  • CSI: Loretto (sorry, this camp is full)

Grades 7 - 10:

  • Stargazers Camp
  • Outside the Box: 3D Printing More than Just Figurines
  • STEM Challenge

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