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PNGE Sophomores land summer internships in field

April 18, 2019 Tags: STEAM

Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (PNGE) students at Saint Francis University develop a wide variety of skills required to be successful in the rapidly growing field through classroom learning, field trips, lab work, academic and industrial research projects, leadership in professional student chapters, and internships.

Internships enable students to work in the field and learn outside of the classroom. The PNGE faculty strongly recommend and help students find internship positions in oil and gas companies and energy-related government position before graduating.

All the current PNGE sophomore students have secured internships for this summer to work in the oil and gas fields or in research positions. Jay Hardy and Jacob Wyland will work for Reliance Energy Service, Teresa Reid will work for Range Resource, Ian Gabig will work for US Department of Energy at National Energy Technology Laboratory in Pittsburgh PA, and Geno Lauer will work for Fyrerok Reservoir Consulting. We wish all of them have a safe, productive and wonderful summer internship.

pnge sophomore interns

(L-R: Geno Lauer, Teresa Reid, Ian Gabig, Jay Hardy, Jacob Wyland)

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