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Accounting and Finance Grad Featured in New York Times

December 20, 2018 Tags: Business and Communications

Lindsay Corner in the New York Times

Lindsay Corner, a 2015 Accounting and Finance graduate from the Shields School of Business, was recently highlighted in a New York Times article titled "Young Women Have to Play Catch-Up in Retirement Savings".

Lindsay was referenced as an example of a young woman who, counter to national trends, is saving appropriately for her retirement. In part, Lindsay credits her coursework in accounting, finance, and personal finance as a reason she understands the importance of saving early for her retirement. 

“None of my girlfriends talk about it, but I feel fairly confident about managing money and finances,” Corner said to the Times. “I learned about it from my parents and, in college, I studied accounting and finance and took a personal finance class.”

Corner, a senior tax analyst from Durham, N.C., started saving for her retirement the moment she graduated from Saint Francis. 

Corner went on to credit her SFU education in her decision to start saving. “Taking these classes in school really opened my eyes up to it. We would see examples: If you save this much now, this is how much it’s going to be worth later, and you would be, ‘Oh, my gosh, I would be crazy not to start to save early.’” 

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