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OT and Nursing Students Host Annual Baby Day

November 13, 2018 Tags: Health Sciences and Education , University News

Occupational Therapy and Nursing Students observe children's motor milestones.The Department of Occupational Therapy, along with the Department of Nursing at Saint Francis University hosted their annual, interdisciplinary Baby Day event on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 in Raymond Hall.

A total of 13 families and 23 "babies" ranging in age from 4 weeks-old up to 5 years-old participated in this day.  Thirty eight Occupational Therapy students and 22 Nursing students, along with faculty members from both departments participate in this community-based lab.

Students benefited from this interdisciplinary event as they were able to observe and interact with all of the "babies" and engage in hands-on learning to better understand all concepts of typical development including reflexes, motor milestones, and most importantly, play.

Positive feedback was received from both the students and the parents/caregivers who participated in this event.  We were also fortunate that five OT alumni were eager to come back as participants with their "babies.

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