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SFU Ranks in Top 20 Percent Nationally for Economic Mobility of Graduates

September 3, 2018 Tags: Academics , Admissions , Alumni , Distinctions

According to a New York Times report on economic diversity and student outcomes of colleges and universities across the country, Saint Francis University ranks in the top 20% nationally when it comes to economic mobility of its graduates. The measure, taking into account access and outcomes, reveals nearly a quarter of SFU graduates will move up two or more income quintiles from their parents. Compared to other colleges in Pennsylvania, Saint Francis students rank in the top 12% in economic mobility.

The Times reports that this is most comprehensive study of college graduates yet conducted, based on millions of anonymous tax filings and financial-aid records. Published by The Equality of Opportunity Project, the study tracked students from nearly every college in the country (including those who failed to graduate), measuring their earnings years after they left campus. 

According to the study looking at outcomes, a Saint Francis University student’s income level later in life is among the highest in Pennsylvania, as well as among selective private colleges nationally, demonstrating upward income mobility from where they started. 

NYTimes Outcomes

The study calculated the share of children who were from the bottom fifth of income, as students, yet moved to the top fifth as adults. Out of 2,137 colleges in the study, Saint Francis University ranked in the top 15% nationally on this measure with over a third of students moving into the top fifth income bracket.

NYTimes Poor to Rich

University President and former Accounting Professor, Fr. Malachi Van Tassell, T.O.R., Ph.D. says, "We are very pleased that the research done by The Equality of Opportunity Project has affirmed what we already knew: a Saint Francis University education is an excellent choice and provides the foundation for students that are seeking upward mobility via a lucrative and rewarding professional career. Our faculty prepare students for today's marketplace with innovative programs and educational experiences. The students coming to Saint Francis have the drive and motivation to become the someone they were meant to be."

By the age of 34, Saint Francis grads are among the top 12% in the nation with a median income of $51,300. According to Saint Francis University’s own survey of 2017 graduates, 99% of those who responded were either working full-time or in graduate school within nine months of graduation.

Professor of MIS and Associate Dean of Business, Dr. John Miko says, “The evidence is in the numbers. Saint Francis University students are getting a proper return on their college investment, and improving their quality of life through their careers. The liberal arts education they receive at Saint Francis gives them hands-on experience through undergraduate research and internships and prepares them to be competitive in their job search and for long-term success in their professional field.”