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Speaker Emphasizes Environment Management to Engineering Students

March 28, 2018 Tags: Academics , STEAM

On March 27th, the Engineering Department at Saint Francis University hosted Dr. Timothy R. Carr, Geology Professor and Department Chair at West Virginia University to talk to Engineering students on the topic of Environment Management in Marcellus Shale Development. 

Tim Carr Presenting to Engineering studentsDr. Carr is currently leading a NETL-supported Marcellus Shale Energy and Environment Laboratory (MSEEL) project in Morgantown, WV. Dr. Carr spoke about the Morgantown Industrial Park field site where he works that supplies the gas for the entire city of Morgantown. The objective of the MSEEL field site is to improve shale gas recovery efficiency and minimize environmental implications of Marcellus shale gas development operation. Dr. Carr and the scientists at MSEEL are studying the entire process of drilling, hydraulic fracturing, recovery of Marcellus Shale natural gas, and monitoring all environmental related data such as waste water, gas emission, radioactivity, etc.

Dr. Qin He, assistant professor in the SFU Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Program, and Dr. Joel Bandstra, associate professor in the Environmental Engineering Program, are co-teaching a new course this semester entitled "Environmental Petroleum Engineering". This unique course joins both the Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering and Environmental Engineering programs to discuss all environment aspects in oil and gas industry. 

Tim Carr PresentationAs part of the discussion on environmental concerns and issues in the oil and gas industry, Dr. He and Dr. Bandstra invited Dr. Carr to speak to the Engineering students. Dr. He says, "How to increase the energy recovery, and at the same time minimize the environmental footprint is one of the biggest challenges for the oil and gas industry. Petroleum Engineering students must see this challenge, make it as an opportunity and take the responsibilities of applying new technologies in order to push a more environmentally friendly oil/gas operation era." 

Dr. Bandstra says, “Dr. Carr's talk reminded me of how important it is for Petroleum Engineers to be aware of the broader environmental and societal issues that surround their work. That's exactly why we emphasize courses like this one in SFU's Engineering Program. It's vitally important to train engineers who are both technically proficient and ethically sensitive. I believe that the liberal arts education at a school like SFU is an ideal setting to do both.”

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