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Saint Francis University Hosts Fulbright Scholar

February 20, 2018 Tags: Academics , STEAM

Dr. ChaffeSFU Environmental Engineering students and faculty welcomed Dr. Pedro Luis Borges Chaffe, a Fulbright Scholar from Federal University of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis-Brazil, for an invited lecture. Dr. Chaffe is currently working at the Tahoe Environmental Research Center at UC Davis. Dr. Chaffe visited Saint Francis University’s campus to discuss climatic and physiographic controls of lake and stream interaction. Students and faculty from across the university attended his presentation.  

Dr. Chaffe’s talk focused on his passion in researching hydrology and climate, his work at Lake Tahoe, and of his lab in his home country of Brazil.

His first message to the students was that “nature is mean.” He quoted Dr. Jim Kirchner, Professor at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, “the laws of nature don’t care whether we choose to accept them or not, so we’d better know what they are and plan accordingly.” Dr. Chaffe encouraged the students in attendance to study science in order to understand a little about nature, and they’ll be successful Environmental Engineers.  

This presentation was conducted through the Fulbright Scholar Program’s Outreach Lecturing Fund (OLF). OLF enables Visiting Scholars to share their research interests, speak about their home country, and exchange ideas with U.S. students, faculty, and community organizations.  

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