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Blanket Collection Kicks Off

January 11, 2018 Tags: Community Engagement , University News

Blanket Collection ImageThe Saint Francis University Community Blanketeers collection will begin January 17 and run through March 16, 2018.  The Saint Francis University blanketeer group was organized in 2006 by Drs. Robin L. Cadwallader and Margaret A. Kealey, with the assistance of Ms. Melita O’Donnell. Since 2006, the Blanketeers have collected almost 1,400 beautiful quilted, crocheted, knitted, and embroidered blankets, which have been donated to children in need in Blair, Cambria, Clearfield, and Somerset counties.  Each year the Blanketeers focus on creating comfy, soft blankets for babies and young children. 

All blankets should be new and hand made in a size suitable for small hands (approximately 36 x 48 inches).  While any materials are acceptable, washable fabrics and yarns are desirable as these blankets will get a lot of use and see many washings.  A small label will be sewn onto each blanket that reads, Saint Francis University Community Blanketeers. The crib, located in the entranceway of Scotus Hall, is waiting to be filled with loads of beautiful blankets. Thanks to the generous donation from the President’s Office the crib will be donated to a local family in need at the end of the blanket drive. For additional information regarding the Saint Francis University Community Blanketeers, please contact Melita O’Donnell at