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Pirates Manager Gives 'Become That Someone' Speech at SFU

October 13, 2017 Tags: Athletics , Business and Communications

Pittsburgh Pirates manager Clint Hurdle visited Saint Francis University as the guest speaker for the Dr. Zanzuccki Lecture Series, hosted by the Shields School of Business. Hurdle met with students in a business class, presented a keynote speech, and signed autographs for members of the community.

Clint Hurdle PhotosThe keynote speech addressed the university's new motto, "Become That Someone", and what it personally means to Hurdle.

"It's basically the Golden Rule played out in the 21st century.  It's treating other people the way you want to be treated when you're walking in their shoes. What a fantastic concept."

Referring to the iconic story about Maurice Stokes and Jack Twynman, Hurdle emphasized the need to to be of service to to others and to be a good person. 

"We use a term at the ballpark, it's called 'Be where your feet are'. Becoming That Someone is about the journey. There is no finish line. I press forward and try to be better today than I way yesterday."

He candidly recalled his time as a highly anticipated player for the Kansas City Royals. "People like to talk about my Sports Illustrated cover where they said I was the next Mickey Mantle. I never became the next Mickey Mantle," he joked. 

He went on to become manager of the Colorado Rockies, then later joined the Pirates in 2010, where he led them to their first winning season in 18 years. He's since rooted himself in Pittsburgh. 

"The name on the front of my jersey says 'Pirates'. I'm proud to be a Pirate. The name on the back of my jersey represents my mom and dad, my wife and kids. I have a responsibility to show up and be respectful for my family, for the fans."

After Hurdle's speech, he stayed at Saint Francis for more than an hour, signing autographs and chatting with every fan in line. 

One happy Pirates fan recapped the night. " Clint was a great speaker. I could have listed to him talk all night".

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