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New branding honors past and looks forward

October 29, 2017 Tags: Admissions , Athletics , Community Engagement and Outreach , University News

Become That Someone Greenhouse

Celebrating Transformational Experiences

In August we welcomed a new class and introduced a new branding theme: “become that someone.” 

The phrase "Reach Higher/Go Far" and the current logo have served the university well for more than 15 years. We have cherished every photo of our students and alumni striking the famous “Reach Higher” pose all over the globe, yet the time has come to say goodbye to the slogan.

The new "become that someone" messaging featuring student transformation stories will add some freshness to our branding while maintaining a healthy dose of tradition.

Become That Someone ShirtThis messaging speaks to our Catholic-Franciscan mission to help students grow into compassionate, caring, and fulfilled professionals.

It reminds us that the values of generosity, respect, discovery, and joy run deep in our culture and helps the university attract students with a devotion to shape the world. 

SFU graduates go on to become accountants, biologists, chemists, computer programmers, doctors, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, lawyers, teachers, nurses, policy-makers, and social workers to name a few. Our graduates enjoy successful careers and carry their Franciscan values with them.

The "become" theme celebrates these successes and has the added benefit of introducing new students to one of our most meaningful institutional stories, the legendary life of Maurice Stokes, Class of 1955.

The idea of using "become that someone" as a rallying call began with SFU Athletics. (See below). Soon the story began to transcend athletics.  Given the theme's grassroots popularity with students, and its perfect fit with the Franciscan mission of service to others, the university decided to adopt it as the official branding statement earlier this year. 

From Students to Leaders

Become that Someone posterThis branding theme celebrates the transformational SFU experience that cultivates future leaders, preparing students to become that someone who makes a difference in the lives of others.

According to our President Fr. Malachi Van Tassell  “when a student comes to Saint Francis University they come with gifts and talents that are unique to them. It is our role to help those students become the person that they are meant to be.”  

A New Logo

We are also proud to introduce a revamped logo as part of our rebranding initiative, yet lovers of tradition will be happy to know that the “bell tower” still takes center stage in new design. 

Logo SamplesThe Story of the Bell: When all seems lost, the smallest sign of hope can rally an entire community. Such was the case on Oct. 30, 1942, when a massive fire destroyed the heart of campus. 

Classrooms, dormitories, the chapel,  dining space and the library all disappeared with the flames that destroyed Old Main. The fire could have signaled the end of the Franciscans' dream to bring education this rural area, yet a hint of future potential remained as they discovered the 1859 bell intact in the rubble. 

Today that bell, preserved in a humble brick tower on the campus mall, has grown into a symbol of new beginnings. It is rung on the day that new students are welcomed into the family and again on their graduation day as they begin the next part of their journey.  

It seemed only fitting to announce this new logo featuring our historic bell tower on the 75th anniversary of fire

Branding Toolkit

In the upcoming months, we will update all of our print communications and online presence with the new logo and slogan. We encourage everyone to start using the new logo and branding slogan as you create new materials, while being good stewards of the environment in transitioning out existing items.

Logo Files: Please visit for guidelines and access to files.

SFU Branding ToolKit

About Maurice Stokes

Maurice Stokes and Jack TwymanBecoming that Someone:   Maurice Stokes '55 would have no doubt have been remembered for his glory years as a collegiate basketball star. On top of that he added an impressive  professional career until one fall changed everything. Now what he is most known for is his humanity in overcoming adversity and an unshakable bond with a teammate. 

The brain injury from the game day fall resulted in a stroke that left him permanently paralyzed and unable to speak. The medical bills became almost insurmountable for his mom.  Enter Jack Twyman, Stokes' teammate who assumed responsibility for his friend's medical expenses and so much more. 

The never-ending assists from Twyman helped keep Stokes alive until 1970. Stokes himself became an inspiration to other seriously ill patients, never losing his faith or his sense of humor. Even his civic duty remained intact, and according to Twyman, Stokes never missed voting in an election despite his injuries.

During the 2012-13 season, John Krimmel and the Student-Athlete Development Center staff at SFU  found thematic inspiration in a quote from Twyman: "Maurice was on his own, something had to be done, and somebody had to do it. I was the only one that was there, so I became that someone."  

The theme has continued to thrive in athletics world and takes on particular meaning with the Red Flash's partnership with  Team Impact.  The University is proud to adopt this theme as a university-wide branding statement beginning with the 2017-18 academic year.

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