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New Academic Programs

September 18, 2017 Tags: Academics , Arts and Humanities , Business and Communications , STEAM , University News

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Each year, the University introduces new academic programs to meet the growing demands from local and national employers in the healthcare, science, humanities and business fields. Our faculty work closely with students in their majors with hands-on, real-world applications to prepare them for careers in their chosen fields. That is part of the reason why 95% of SFU grads saw career or graduate school placement success within six months of graduation. New majors, minors and concentrations for the 2017/2018 academic year are listed below.


CyberSecurity Administration major

The demand for expertise in the field of CyberSecurity is increasing rapidly and the number of job openings in this area is expected to triple over the next five years. To meet this growing need the Computer Science Department is now offering a major in CyberSecurity Administration. A Bachelor of Science in CyberSecurity Administration teaches students the fundamental concepts of CyberSecurity as well as practical skills in detecting, preventing, and investigating cyber attacks. Students with this degree may go on to work in IT departments, financial institutions, law enforcement, government agencies, or in private industry.

General Engineering major

Saint Francis is excited to announce the up and coming general engineering program. This four-year program will allow engineering majors to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering. A small liberal arts school with a robust engineering department is a unique find. What sets SFU apart from Engineering programs at other schools are the opportunities to do hands-on research along with faculty mentors starting as early as your freshman year. Our engineering students work on real-world projects funded by grants that many don’t get to experience until graduate school.

Energy Technology and Policy minor

Students from any major interested in energy topics can complement their degree with a minor in Energy Technology and Policy. Students will learn the fundamentals of the energy industry and be capable of performing an assortment of different tasks within the industry. Graduates of the Energy Technology and Policy minor program will have opportunities to work for utilities, electric generating stations, renewable energy companies, energy distribution, research organizations, or as energy policymakers. 

Special Education Certification for Secondary Education Majors

Secondary Education programs in Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Social Studies/History, and Spanish now allow for a dual-concentration program combining with Special Education. This additional certification will provide students an advantage in launching their career and in teaching in the future.


The mantra of the Saint Francis University MBA program for nearly three decades has been to make its program accessible and convenient.  It currently offers courses in Loretto, Altoona, and Johnstown and has now added an option for students to complete the degree entirely online. Dr. Randy Frye, Dean of the Shields School of Business, stated “The new iMBA Program modality option extends accessibility and convenience beyond convenient class hours and off-campus locations. Instead of simply providing classroom locations near where its graduate students live and work, the Saint Francis University MBA program is now accessible from anywhere and at any time.” Students now have the option of taking online courses as well as traditional face-to-face classes. Frye added that present and future MBA students can mix and match any of the courses and toggle back and forth between the two course delivery formats.