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SFU hosts 23rd annual High School Science Day

November 22, 2016 Tags: Academics , Arts and Humanities , Community Engagement and Outreach , Health Sciences and Education , Research , STEAM

Science Day 2016

More than 500 high school students and 49 high school teachers from 33 area high schools
participated in the 23rd annual Science Day held at Saint Francis University on Tuesday,
November 22. 

Science in Action

The day included a 16-team science bowl in JFK and 37 presentations all around campus.  With nearly 70 presenters and about 70 students volunteering their time, there were nearly 700 people involved in science in Loretto!

This event is sponsored by the academic departments in the School of Sciences and the Science Outreach Center. Presenters are faculty and staff from all four of SFU's academic schools and some industry professionals and alumni. 

Some sessions this year included:

  • "CSI Loretto: What does a Forensic Chemist Do?"  by Dr. Rose Clark,  Chemistry 
  • "The Great Innovation Challenge" conducted by New Pig Corporation
  • "Chest Cavity: a Hands-on Approach" Bryan Hummel and Dr. Thomas Woods, Physician Assistant Sciences
  • "Engineering the Perfect Wave" by Dr. Joel Bandstra, Environmental Engineering 
  •  "The Science of Scuba Diving" by Dr. Pat Fitzgerald, Physical Therapy
  • "Here be Dragons!" by Dr. Lane Loya, Biology 

    View photos from the sessions.

Science Bowl Competition

Sixteen school teams also competed in a single-elimination science bowl conducted by Saint Francis science students. DuBois Area High School took home the first place trophy with a score of 163-80 over Altoona Area High School.

Science Bowl Winners 2016 DuBois and Altoona

DuBois Team from left: Isaac Whitikar, Ben Suslow, Amir Hassan, Joe Hnat with teachers Mike Mancuso and Doug Brennan

Altoona Team from left: Marissa Abbot, Tyler Poli, Gavin Williamson, Timmeco King and Sara Sohmer.

Science Day Top 10 List

The Science Day Top Ten List was generated by the high school students attending.  "You must be a SCIENTIST if using your Twitter account, you tweet:"


10. "Awesome science puns, buy sadly, all the good ones Argon," by Michael Delosh of Northern Cambria High School.


9. "You're a 10?  Maybe on the pH scale because you are basic," by Bethany Miller of Hollidaysburg Area High School.


8. "I would like to make a joke about sodium but N/a, by Kelvin Gou of Bishop Carroll Catholic High School.


7. "Accidentally poisoning your friend with a Pb and Jelly sandwich," by Amanda Bergmaschi of Penn Cambria High School.


6. "Did you hear Oxygen went on a date with Potassium?  It went OK." by Kayla Szpala of Central Cambria High School.


5. "Today was A golden, iconic kind of day at Saint Francis University! by Ethan Kollat of State College Area High School.


4. "I got my ION you," by Toni Smay of Forest Hills High School.


3. "Heard Oxygen and Magnesium were dating and was like OMG! by Lyvia Toth of Penn Cambria High School.


2. "What did the scientist say when he found two isotopes of Helium?  HeHe! by Madison Over of Northern Bedford High School.


1. "This book on antigravity is so good!!!  #Can't put it down! by George Toth of Hollidaysburg Area High School.

Mannequin Challenge Video Winner: BlackLick Valley High School

Learn more about the annual Science Day


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