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SFU named Catholic College of Distinction

July 19, 2016 Tags: Academics , Admissions , Distinctions , Faith , University News

COD_16-17_InText2Saint Francis University has been honored as both a “College of Distinction” and a “Catholic College of Distinction” for the 2016-17 school year. Saint Francis is one of a select group of colleges to earn these prestigious designations, based on its excellence in four distinctions:

  • engaged students
  • great teaching
  • vibrant campus communities
  • successful outcomes 

Saint Francis University is particularly proud to be named a "Catholic College of Distinction," which reflects the University's focus on weaving its  Catholic-Franciscan mission into the fabric of the institution. The foundation of this mission is guided through the Goals of Franciscan Higher Education, which include:

  • a humble and generous attitude toward learning, 
  • a reverence toward all life and the goodness of humanity
  • respect for the uniqueness of individual persons
  • a global vision
  • service to the poor and needy
  • a community of faith and prayer
  • a spirit of simplicity and joy
  • a Franciscan presence

These long-practiced goals where thoughtfully articulated in writing by former President Fr. Christian Oravec who passed away in July 2014.   

How universities are selected:

High school college counselors and educators nominate colleges and universities for recognition by Colleges of Distinction, which then evaluates each school based on qualitative and quantitative research. The colleges and universities are not ranked and instead are members of a consortium of other equally impressive schools. 

The Colleges of Distinction looks beyond rankings and test scores to find colleges that are the ideal places to learn, grow and succeed. The selection process reviews such factors as the school’s first year experience, general education program, experiential components of the curriculum, the strategic plan and alumni success and satisfaction.

“We focus on colleges that are deeply dedicated to students' learning,” said Tyson Schritter, executive editor of Colleges of Distinction. “Schools designated as ‘Colleges of Distinction’ offer innovative learning experiences that educate, nurture and transform students." 


To find more information, visit the University’s profile