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Mathematics Faculty

  • Researchers Dedicated to Teaching

    Our small, engaging classes are taught by faculty who are publishing dynamic mathematical research in both applied and theoretical applications, yet view teaching as their central focus. As a student at Saint Francis University you can gain real perspective into the world of mathematics by working side-by-side with  faculty on research projects leading to publications and presentations at regional and national meetings.

    Department Chair: Dr. John Harris

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    Mathematics Department Faculty (Alphabetical) 

  • Barroner, Ms. Patricia

    Barroner, Ms. Patricia

    Position: Adjunct Instructor

    Department: Mathematics

    Chancler T.O.R., Father Joseph

    Chancler T.O.R., Father Joseph

    Position: Adjunct Instructor

    Department: Mathematics

    Harris, Dr. John

    Position: Department Chair, Professor of Engineering

    Department: Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, Adult Degree and Continuing Studies

    Office: Science Center 004

    Phone Number: 814.472.3082

    Karwoski, Joseph

    Position: Adjunct

    Department: Adult Degree and Continuing Studies, Mathematics

    Office: Library 211

    Phone Number: 814.472.3012

    LaBuz, Dr. Brendon

    Position: Associate Professor

    Department: Mathematics

    Office: Science 010

    Phone Number: 814.472.3378

    Li, Dr. Ying

    Position: Associate Professor of Mathematics

    Department: Mathematics

    Office: Science Center 011

    Phone Number: 814.4723854

    Remillard, Dr. Kate

    Remillard, Dr. Kate

    Position: Adjunct Assistant Professor

    Department: Mathematics

    Youmbi, Dr. Norbert

    Position: Associate Professor

    Department: Mathematics, Adult Degree and Continuing Studies

    Office: Science 012

    Phone Number: 814.472.3855

  • Professors Emeritus of Mathematics

    Dr. Adrian Baylock
    Mr. Paul Deskevich