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Logo FAQs

  • Q: What are all these files types though?
    A: Here's a handy guide to file types that will help:

    • JPGs: Primarily for web use (email signatures, etc.). They have solid backgrounds.
    • PNGs: For both web and print use, and have a transparent background, which comes in handy when designing marketing materials (posters, etc.).
    • PDFs: High res and for print purposes only.
    • **Vector files: Required for large printed items (t-shirts, water bottles, tchotchkes, etc.). If you need this type of file, please contact the Marketing Dept. at

    Q: Hold up. What about the "SFU"/Red Flash logo? Can I still use that on things?
    A: Anything Red Flash-related is an Athletics logo. You can find those on the SFU Athletics page