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Fermentation Arts

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    Note: This program is being revised and is not currently enrolling new students.

    Success is brewing

    Have you ever had bread, cheese, yogurt, sauerkraut, chocolate, pickles, beer or wine? If you have, then you have tasted fermented foods and beverages.  Quite simply, fermentation is the art of utilizing scientific principles to preserve and/or enhance the flavor and texture of foods and drinks. Humans have harnessed the power of fermentation since the dawn of time to produce alcohol as well as preserve and enhance the flavor of food. Scholars have suggested that nearly one-third of all foods consumed world-wide have been fermented. Unsurprisingly, firms that produce fermented foods and beverages constitute a significant portion of the world's economy.  Continuing to harness the power of fermentation, Saint Francis University is proud to offer modern classes in brewing, enology and food fermentation. Most classes will be taught in functioning wineries and breweries.