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English as a Second Language Program Specialist Certificate

  • The Program

    The ESL Program Specialist Certificate is designed for candidates interested in completing a competency-based sequence of courses at a post baccalaureate level. This certificate provides an additional skill-level of specific training and experiences for professional who provide educational services for the population English language learners who are acquiring English as a second language. It will allow professional educators holding this certificate to address the complex needs of English language learners in various classrooms and schools in the k-12 settings. Education professionals achieving this certificate will have demonstrated competencies related to research-based assessment, curriculum, instruction, culture/diversity, second language acquisition and program management for ELL students. Students in the certification program will gain the knowledge and experience necessary to teach second language learners in a k-12 setting.

    The ESL Program Specialist Certificate will follow the Pennsylvania Department of Education Guidelines for ESL and focus on the required competencies in listening, speaking, reading and writing; as well as to achieve Pennsylvania State Academic Standards that all students are required to achieve. The preparation program is designed to ensure candidates acquire and learn to apply the professional and pedagogical knowledge and skill dimensions necessary [22 Pa. Code §354.25 (a)]. The program shall also enable candidates to teach, guide and assist public/charter school students in achieving the academic standards under Chapter 4 (relating to academic standards and assessment). [22 Pa. Code §354.25 (b)].

    Admission Requirements

    Candidates for the ESL Program Specialist Certificate must complete the following materials for consideration of acceptance for this program.

    • Application and $30 application fee made payable to Saint Francis University
    • Two letters of professional recommendation
    • A minimum undergraduate and/or graduate grade point average of 3.0 or higher is required.
    • Copy of Instructional I or Instructional II certificate through PDE. 
    • Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate course work completed.

    Course Requirements

    • EDUC537 Understanding Language and Second Language Acquisition
    • EDUC538 Culturally Diverse Learners: Socio-cultural Aspects of Language
    • EDUC539 Second Language Teaching: Methods and Materials I
    • EDUC540 Assessment and Evaluation in Second Language Teaching (4 credits)
    • EDUC562 Second Language Teaching: Methods and Materials II
      View the Academic Catalog for additional requirements.

    Candidates will have completed a competency-based sequence of courses totaling 16 credit hours and 60 clinical hours. Candidates must have an Instructional I or Instructional II certificate through the Pennsylvania Department of Education.