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Dillon Brown Profile

  • Dillon Brown profile

    Computer Science & Mathematics
    Class of 2016
    Munster, PA

    Dillon's Story

    Creating video games reminiscent of Space Invaders in his high school computer programming class piqued Dillon’s interest in Computer Science. 

    That interest eventually landed him a position as a Software Developer with New Pig Corporation. Based out of Tipton, PA, New Pig helps businesses manage leaks, drips and spills to create clean and safe environments with their products being used in over 300,000 facilities worldwide.

    To prepare for his career, Dillon chose Saint Francis University because the university had a strong STEM program close to home and also offered a small school setting with interpersonal values similar to those he experienced in a Catholic high school.

    He declared Computer Science as his major at Saint Francis, and after taking some math courses he added Applied Mathematics as a second major his Sophomore year. The Computer Science major gave Dillon the basics to start a career in Software Development, and the Mathematics major gave him the ability to improve upon his problem solving skills that are important in all science fields.

    Dillon Brown Legends WarehouseLooking back at his favorite memories at Saint Francis, it’s his study abroad experiences that stand out the most. Dillon traveled to Costa Rica in Summer of 2014 and also to Ambialet, France in the fall semester of 2014. In Costa Rica Dillon earned 6 credits in Spanish and took a Religious Education course where he learned about Spanish history and culture in the warm breeze of Costa Rican sunshine. From those experiences, Dillon says, “their way of life really changed my perspective on how the world works and things Americans do in their daily life”.

    In his free time, Dillon coaches weightlifting at Legends Warehouse. He says “There is nothing I feel more rewarded by than helping someone reach their personal goals”.

    When asked about what advice he would give to other students, he would encourage students “to learn as much as you can. Gaining more knowledge is never a bad thing.  Try to learn more than your professor teaches you.  Lastly, ask questions.   Ask even if you’re 99% sure you know the answer.  You may just pick up a different perspective you had never thought about.”