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Cyber Security Certificates Online

Cybersecurity jobs are growing quickly, and the opportunities are endless in this career. Learn more about our Cyber Security Certificate. 

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  • Cybersecurity Certificates, Post-Baccalaureate

    There are two options for earning a cybersecurity certificate online. The Cybersecurity Strategy option is for a business professional looking to learn the skills they need to evaluate security risks and mitigate potential financial risks to their organization. The Cybersecurity option is for a Computer Science major or an IT professional looking to expand their skills and knowledge, increase their potential earnings, and close the gap in security threats.

  • Flash Facts

    • According to Cybersecurity Ventures, there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally by 2021, up from one million positions in 2014.  Unfortunately, fewer than one in four of the candidates who apply for these positions are qualified.  Source: MIT Technology Review.
    • When speaking about cybersecurity job prospects, Robert Herjavec, founder and CEO at Herjavec Group, recently stated, “There is a zero-percent unemployment rate in cybersecurity, and the opportunities in this field are endless,”
    • Cybersecurity Ventures also noted that the number of women entering the cybersecurity field has been increasing at a rapid rate for the previous six years.
    • Today, cybersecurity touches all aspects of our professional environments, personal lives, and society at large.  Lead from where you are, regardless of your background, and learn how to create, manage and drive an agile, resilient and collaborative cybersecurity strategy for your organization with a cybersecurity certificate.
    • Supervisors, managers and practitioners can understand business risks, collaborate effectively with business partners, navigate the rapidly changing and disruptive technology environment, influence application and infrastructure environments, and implement active defensive tactics to secure the needs in your organization.
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    Cybersecurity Strategy

    Cybersecurity Strategy Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

    The Cybersecurity Strategy certificate provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to understand and manage the risks faced on both the global and local stage, in both today's world and tomorrow's.  Students will also develop the ability to design and implement a sound Cybersecurity strategy for their organization.

    Completing this cybersecurity training online teaches students about risk management in the context of the cyber environment, framework, compliance issues, cyber strategy (both in the context of private industry and governmental agencies), cyber warfare, and the law.

    By learning the players on the global stage, the targets, the vulnerabilities, the priorities, how to formulate a strategy and how to implement it, the successful student will be better prepared for a career in cybersecurity in both private industry or in government, both as a cybersecurity professional or in management in general.  Recipients of this online cybersecurity certificate will have a better understanding of today's world and will learn useful skills that can be applied in a number of areas.


    • Over 90% of our United States Critical infrastructure is at risk.  Be the voice in your organization to help grow your digital acumen in cybersecurity so you can lead from where you are as a cyber consultant in your field.

    • This cybersecurity certificate embraces the disruptive state cyber issues affect  in environments across industry, national security and your role as a student, with a learning  emphasis on experiential and active learning to drive your discovery, growth and understanding.  The application and development cover the following key focus areas: role of offensive and defensive approaches to organizational strategy, policy and governance as a framework for our execution, cyber frameworks, how we manage risk, raising our digital acumen  as we face cyber challenges in crime and warfare on the global stage.  There is an emphasis on addressing real-time challenges and turning those into learning opportunities.

    • This cybersecurity training will help you discover, inspire, grow and be the cyber agent for change in our worldwide information revolution

      Course Catalog Requirements


      Are you an IT professional who knows your way around the network and the applications you manage? Or maybe you are a new IT graduate and would like to expand your knowledge into cybersecurity. This cybersecurity certificate provides students just like you with hands-on learning you need to obtain a job as a cybersecurity professional or to prepare for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional exam. 

      In teaching students to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and information systems that support modern organizations and drive our society, this online cybersecurity training provides comprehensive instruction that focuses on both the fundamentals of information systems as well as advanced topics in areas such as cybersecurity, digital forensics, security architecture, physical security and critical infrastructure protection. 


      • The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects that employment for information security analysts will increase by 32 percent between 2018 and 2028, which is higher than the average growth for every other occupation.
      •  CISSPs (Certified Information Systems Security Professionals) rank sixth in the top 20 fastest-growing skill sets for freelancers.
      •  Businesses and government agencies are willing to pay top salaries for experienced cybersecurity professionals who can protect their information and intellectual property, fight online fraud, and safeguard client data.
      • U.S. News & World Report ranked Information Security Analyst No. 2 in Best Technology Jobs, No. 6 in Best STEM Jobs and No. 32 in the 100 Best Jobs.
      • Information Security Analysts are expected to see a job growth of 28 percent between 2016 and 2026, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), with an average wage of $99,690.
      • According to the job placement website, the national average cybersecurity salary in July 2020 was $112,974.     
      • What all this means is that there is a significant shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals and a plethora of employers willing to hire top talent. 
      • Clearly, there has never been a better time to pursue a career in cybersecurity.  This career shows rapid job growth, lucrative salaries and one of the most "future-proof" careers available.  Whether you’re looking to pivot and change careers or simply want to enhance your current skill set, Saint Francis can help you be that someone.   
      • The cybersecurity field is constantly fluctuating, and you need a firm understanding to get ahead.  Saint Francis provides that firm understanding.  By earning a cybersecurity certificate online, you will learn from experienced faculty, use cutting edge methods and gain valuable hands-on practical training.

      Course Catalog Requirements

      Admission Requirements
      Learning Outcomes

      Student Learning Outcomes:

      Upon earning one of these cybersecurity certificates:

      • Graduates will understand the various specialties in the cybersecurity discipline;

      • Graduates will demonstrate critical thinking and reasoning and problem-solving skills to resolve real-world, cybersecurity-related scenarios and issues;

      • Graduates will be able to demonstrate ability to complete a variety of hands-on tasks and labs in investigative, testing, and administrative components of cybersecurity;

      • Graduates will excel such that students will qualify to sit for certain certification examinations.


      Costs and Financial Aid

      Cybersecurity Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Tuition

      Current tuition and fees

      Currently there are no other fees associated with admission as a student in this online cybersecurity training program.  Although most courses will utilize online resources, students may be required to purchase course text books.

      For more information contact one of our dedicated enrollment counselors at (814)472-3012 or

      Financial Aid

      Please contact Financial Aid for student loan options at or (814) 472-3010.