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Curtis Kindel PT, MPT, PhD, OCS

  • Curtis Kindel - Profile

    Position: Associate Professor of Physical Therapy

    Department: Physical Therapy

    Office: Stokes Athletic Center 229

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    About Dr. Curtis Kindel


    • BS Health Science, Saint Francis College
    • MPT Master of Physical Therapy, Saint Francis University
    • Ph.D. Biomechanics, Penn State University
    • OCS Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy


    Dr. Kindel graduated from Saint Francis University in 2001. Since that time, he worked for a regional outpatient therapy provider where he had a facility director position for over three years. He has taught Movement Science as an adjunct at Saint Francis University since 2002. Dr. Kindel became a full-time faculty member in 2007. He is an Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist, which he earned in 2007. Dr. Kindel attained his Ph.D. in Biomechanics at Penn State University and maintains a part-time clinical practice in orthopedic physical therapy. Dr. Kindel has published research in the area of the mechanics of the lower extremity.  He is married to a fellow Saint Francis University PT graduate and has two daughters. 

    • Teaching Activities
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    Teaching Activities

    PHTH 401 Movement Science
    PHTH 404 Surface Anatomy
    PHTH 405 Exercise Prescription
    PHTH 410 PT Procedures Lab
    PHTH 414 PCM Musculoskeletal Lab
    PHTH 513 Special Topics
    EXPH 250 Functional Anatomy
    EXPH 320 Biomechanics

    Professional Memberships

    APTA Member
    Orthopaedic section member


    Joint Moment-Angle Properties of the Hip Abductors and Hip Extensors, Kindel  C, Challis J; Physiotherapy Theory and Practice: 16 May 2017.

    “The Effect of Verbal Cueing and Elastic Resistance on Lower Extremity Mechanics and EMG Activity of the Gluteus Maximus and Gluteus Medius Musculature During a Squat” Fischer C, Hegedus C, Owens K, Randall R, Webb A, Wieger D, Kindel CC. PPTA Annual Conference, Lancaster, PA, 2016

    “The Effects of Varying Hip Flexion and External Rotational Angles on the Production of Isometric External Rotation Torque in Healthy Adults”. Demjanenko J, Gomola D, Seiler R, Swartzwelder B, Vogus J,  Winters M, Kindel CC. PPTA Annual Conference, Seven Springs PA, 2015.

    “The Relationship of Proximal Factors to Foot Adduction Strength in a Healthy Population” Heisler D, Klein L, Seifried J, Straub M, Turco N, Kindel CC, PPTA Annual Conference, Lancaster, PA, 2014

    “A Comparison of Current MMT Procedures for the Ankle Plantarflexors Including Manual Testing and Standing Heel Rise Test and Peak Torque Results” Adams V, Brown J, Kavel J, Kline B, Merva C, Kindel CC, PPTA Annual Conference, Seven Springs, PA, 2013

    “Validity of the Nintendo Wii Fit as a balance assessment tool” Belknap JJ, Comstock AL, Hums EC, Miller DG, Scanlan JG, Kindel CC PPTA Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA 2010