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Curious Minds

  • Curious Minds 

     Our professors are on standby to help the curious minds to decipher the cryptic of Mother Nature. 

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    “When do we stop being children?” Some think it happens when we no longer ask questions “Why?” If you are a child (of any age), and you have a curios mind, and you are still searching for answers to those endless why questions, you will enjoy reading the Curious Minds column in our local newspapers. The Science Outreach Center in Saint Francis University (SFU) introduces a new program designed to support kids’ curiosity, to encourage their natural desire to ask questions and to help their parents to be prepared to answer some of the questions. 

    The Curious Minds is a column in local newspaper(s) that contains answers given to kids by professors at Saint Francis. Real school children ask real questions and real professors (specialists in various fields) give their answers and explanations using analogies that the kids can relay to, make sense of, and remember. The answers are accompanied by cartoons drawn by SFU students making the column more memorable and more fun. 

    We encourage teachers to support kids’ curiosity and ask them to send us their questions.