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Covid-19 Response Planning

It is critically important that we remain open to being adaptable to during these challenging times. Here you will find detailed information on the university's pandemic response that will be updated frequently as state and federal guidelines evolve.

  • Academic Schedule Changes

    (earlier start and end dates)

    • Spring 2021: First Day January 18, Last Day April 28
    • Final Exams, April 29-May 5
    • No Spring Break
    • On-campus, In-person instruction

    Francis Worldwide

    • Spring Module I: January 18-March 14
    • Spring Module II: March 8-May 5

  • Covid 19 Updates

  • Contact Us

    Our Fall 2021 COVID-19 Prevention and Response Plan is posted here and answers many questions. If you have a question that is not addressed in the plan, please contact us at and we will assist you.

  • University Pandemic Response Team

    To inform the leadership teams of the university, the Saint Francis University Pandemic Response Team was formed to bring together representative members of our community.  Members of this committee, Don Miles and Mandy Lasinsky, coordinate with local public health officials.  The Team is charged with continuously reviewing the guidance from federal, state and local authorities, as well as the conditions on campus, in the local community, state and nation.  The Team serves as an advisory board to the university’s leadership team on issues related to, but not limited to, the resumption and suspension of face-to-face instruction and residential living.  The Team will review the response plan weekly in relation to the latest virus developments, the latest guidance from all agencies and the conditions on campus.