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Dr. Aniruddha Bose

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    Position: Associate Professor of History

    Department: History and Political Science

    Office: Scotus Hall 321

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    About Dr. Aniruddha Bose


    • Ph.D. Boston College
    • M.A., Boston College
    • M.A., Northeastern University
    • B.A., St. Xavier’s College


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    Professional Experiences
    • Associate Professor of History 2018-Present (Saint Francis University, Loretto, PA)
    • Assistant Professor of History 2013-2018 (Saint Francis University, Loretto, PA)
    • Teaching Fellow 2011-2013 (Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA)
    • Teaching Assistant 2005-20011 (Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA)
    • Graduate Assistant 2003-2005 (Northeastern University, Boston, MA)
    Research Interests

    My research interests lie in Modern and Early Modern South Asia, in the area of labor history. My book, based on my doctoral dissertation, explores the period between 1860 and 1910 recasting historical understandings of the relationship between the colonial state, technology, and labor. Drawing on state archives, photographs and paintings, my research provides a nuanced and detailed account of the impact of the transformation in maritime technology on everyday working lives, social worlds, and political expression of Calcutta’s port labor force. In my book, I analyze how expanding state power and the shift from sail to steam became crucial for the formalization of a largely informal workforce. I argue that the arrival of steam ships forced the state to bring the port’s workforce under tighter control in order to provide a compliant labor force, needed for the quicker turnaround of ships made necessary by the economics of steam technology. This research contributes to multiple fields in South Asian historiography. It addresses the field of South Asian labor history with my unique focus on dockworkers. My observations on the relationship between technological change and class conflict contribute to research on questions of class formation. My research also contributes to the history of Indian science and technology. In addition to discussing how European technologies transformed the working lives of Indian labor, I examine evidence that suggest that these same workers played their part in the determining of the kinds of technologies that India’s British masters introduced. Finally, this study contributes to the field of urban history, particularly to the study of Calcutta through a shift in focus from the city streets and parlors to its economic heart that lay along the waterfront.

    Currently, I am working on two additional books on Indian labor history. Tentatively titled Shunting the Nation: Railwaymen in the Making of India and Pakistan, 1939-1949, it draws on government documents, newspaper records and memoirs to examine the part played by these workers in India’s war effort during the Second World War, and India’s freedom struggle. This research also examines class conflict, discussing strikes as well as everyday conflict. I also examine the part played by railway workers in India’s partition, discussing both stories of heroism as well as episodes when railway workers collaborated in the massacre of passengers. Finally, I discuss evidence from the post-1947 period when railwaymen in both India and Pakistan played an extraordinary role in ensuring the survival of their newly created countries. Evidence suggests that Indian railway workers were at best reluctant partners in India’s mainstream freedom struggle. Indian railway unions were careful to distance their members from the official campaigns of the Indian National Congress, though providing their movements with moral support. This book will contribute to the historiography of Indian nationalism by exploring this disjuncture between a workforce that significantly contributed to the establishment of free India and Pakistan, but stayed away from the mainstream freedom struggle. I have already completed preliminary research for this project, including an archival trip to India. Writing of my manuscript is currently underway with a timeline of completing the manuscript by 2020. The second project, tentatively titled Military Labor in Eighteenth Century India seeks to compare the efforts of European trading companies and the successor states of the Mughal Empire to recruit from India’s military labor markets. I am also interested in uncovering what Indian soldiers made of the changing nature of warfare and state power in eighteenth century India. Preliminary research has commenced with a goal to have a manuscript ready by 2023.


    Peer Reviewed Scholarship

    Shunting the Nation: Railwaymen and the Making of India and Pakistan, 1939-1949,” Indian Economic and Social History Review (under review)

    Class Conflict and Modernization: The Raj and the Calcutta Waterfront, (London and New York: Routledge, 2018)

    “The Modernization of a Port in British India,” in Patrick Haughey and Robin Williams Ed. The Architecture of Trade, Routledge, (London and New York: Routledge, 2018)

    “Science and Technology in India: The Digression of Asia and Europe,” History Compass (February 2007)

    Public Scholarship

    "Ten Questions: A Conversation with Aniruddha Bose," Chapati Mystery, 17 February 2019, stable URL

    “From Lady Hughes to Enrica Lexie,” Gateway House: Indian Council of Global Relations, 19 April 2013, stable URL

    “Historical Perspectives on Piracy: The British Empire in the Persian Gulf,” Gateway House: Indian Council of Global Relations, 19 April 2013, stable URL

    “Atherosho Shotabdir Duti Bidroho: Bharotborshe Ingrej Rajjer Sthapona” [Two Mutinies of the Eighteenth Century: Categorizing the rise of British power in India], Sri Krishna Sanghabarta (September 2010)

    “Swami Vivekananda and the Modernization of Hinduism,” Sri Krishna Sanghabarta (September 2006)

    Boston Breakthroughs: 400 Years of Social and Nonprofit Innovations, co-authored with Dr. Robert M. Krim and Susan Wilson, (Boston, MA: Boston History Collaborative, 2004)


    Grants Received
    • Faculty Development Grant, Saint Francis University (2019)
    • School of Arts and Letters Junior Faculty Research Grant, Saint Francis University (2018)
    • School of Arts and Letters Junior Faculty Research Grant, Saint Francis University (2016)
    • Faculty Development Grant, Saint. Francis University (2014)
    • University Fellowship, Boston College (2005-13)
    • Graduate Fellow, Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy, Boston College (2011-2012)
    • Summer Research Stipend for Graduate Students from the Clough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy, Boston College (2009, 2011)
    • Research Expenses Grant, Graduate Student Association, Boston College (2007)
    • Graduate Essay Prize, Blackwell Compass (2007)
    • University Fellowship, Northeastern University (2003-05)
    • 2018-Present Member of the Senate Committee on Faculty Affairs, Saint Francis University
    • 2018-Present Faculty Senate Member (Alternate), Saint Francis University
    • 2017-Present Health Sciences Pre-Professional Evaluation Committee Member, Saint Francis University
    • Coordinator of the Arts and Letters Major Program, Saint Francis University (2016-Present)
    • Faculty Coordinator for the History Program Mentorship Initiative (2016-2017)
    • Member of the General Education Program Quantitative Literacy Committee, Saint Francis University (2015-2017)
    • Member of the General Education Program Diversity Initiative, Saint Francis University (2015-2017)
    • The History Program Recruitment Coordinator, Saint Francis University (2015-Present)
    • The History and Political Science Department and Languages and Literature Department
    • Administrative Assistant Search Committee Member (2015)
    • Secretary to the Resources Committee, Saint Francis University (2015-2017)
    • Resources Committee Member, Saint Francis University (2014-15)
    • The Annual Multicultural Festival Organizer, Saint Francis University (2013-Present)
    Courses Taught

    World War II (Co-taught with Dr. Sarah Myers)
    History 105: World History (Asian Perspectives) 1200-1800
    History 106: World History (Asian Perspectives) 1800-Present
    History 201: Historian’s Craft
    History 263: A Global History of Fashion
    History 265: The Story of India
    History 269: A Global History of Working People
    History 337: Islam and the Modern Middle East
    History 338: East Asia on the World Stage
    History 339: Topics in African History
    History 428: Muslim Kings with Non-Muslim Subjects