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ADCS Tuition

Reputable Saint Francis University degree programs at a discounted rate for part-time learners.
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  • Flexible & Affordable 

    You work hard for your money and we want to ensure you get the best education at an affordable price.  We discount the per credit tuition more than 50 percent. In addition to being one of the lowest per credit rates in central Pennsylvania, we do not have any hidden fees.  Everything is explained to you before you enroll.

    Below are the tuition rates for part-time students. Access complete tuition and fee information here.

  • 2017-18 Tuition and Fees 

    Undergraduate and Graduate Lab, Course, and Contingent Fees may apply.

  • Adult Degree & Continuing Studies
    Tuition and Fees   
    Undergraduate Tuition$476 (per credit hour)
    College in High School$65 (per credit hour)



    An undergraduate student registered for fewer than 12 credits is considered a part-time student and is charged tuition at the rate of $1,057.00 per credit. (Amount is for the traditional, day-time program. Adult Degree students who are part time, should view the tuition tab for Adult Degree & Continuing Studies.)

    Undergraduate and Graduate Lab, Course, and Contingent Fees Apply

    Summer Session
    Undergraduate Tuition Per Credit
    Summer 2017$476.00 
    Summer 2017$1,007.00 (Summer PA / OT / PT) 
    Summer 2018$476.00 
    Summer 2018$1,057.00 (Summer PA/OT/PT) 
     Room and Board Weekly 
     Residence Hall$295 (weekly) 
    HAPT Meal Plan$170.00 (weekly)
    HAPT Housing$125.00 (weekly)


    English as a Second Language
    Average cost of attending the Intensive English Program per semester
    Tuition: $6,800
    ESL Fee: $530
    Books (estimate): $300
    Student Services *2:  $550
    Residence Hall *3: $2,953                 
    Meal Plan: $3,011                 
    Health Insurance *4: $1,728                 
    Approximate Total: $15,872


    Fees may change without notice.

    1. For mid-semester intakes, tuition, housing and fees are prorated.
    2. Student services fee includes: technology fee, campus health services, placement testing, and express mailing of visa documents.
    3. Residence halls and meal fees are approximate and vary depending single or double occupancy. Fees are charged per semester.
    4. Students must enroll in SFU health insurance throughout the duration of their studies. Fee above is subject to change.